Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate - Nov 28 2010

Clues Answers
'-- -Cop' (1988 film) RENTA
'-- a break!' INEED
'-- From Muskogee' OKIE
'-- out!' (ump's call) YER
'Big Love' broadcaster HBO
'Give it --!' ASHOT
'I do,' e.g. VOW
'i' completer DOT
'Otello' composer VERDI
'See-saw, -- Daw' MARGERY
'The Alphabet Song' start ABCDE
'The Merry Widow' composer Franz LEHAR
'There's a mouse!' EEK
-- Brothers (R&B group) ISLEY
-- fault TOA
-- fide (legit) BONA
-- out a living EKE
1960s singer Tammi TERRELL
Abbr. on a steamer USS
Accomplish ACHIEVE
Adequate AMPLE
All that's viewable EVERYTHINGINSIGHT
Alternatives to Porsches BMWS
Arquette of 'Silverado' ROSANNA
Assumed names ALIASES
Baaing mas EWES
Bar -- (Jewish rite) MITZVAH
Baseball card info RBI
Baseball Hall-of-Famer -- Wilhelm HOYT
Basilica area NAVE
Be on TV AIR
Be situated LIE
Brian of Roxy Music ENO
Brought up, as a child REARED
C&W star McEntire REBA
Carry around TOTE
Cloud site SKY
College professor LECTOR
Comic Howie MANDEL
Cranky cry BAH
Cried 'Rah!' CHEERED
Dawn deity EOS
Deer relative ELK
Defoe hero CRUSOE
Diacritical squiggles TILDES
Dickinson of 'The Chase' ANGIE
Discreet product packaging PLAINBROWNWRAPPER
El or la, north of Mexico THE
Elliptical OVOIDAL
Embroider, e.g. SEW
Feeder of Lake Erie in Michigan RAISINRIVER
Festive party GALA
Filmmaker Kazan ELIA
Firefighting aids HOSES
First fire sign ARIES
Frequently, to Byron OFT
Freud topic EGO
Gave back after a purchase REBATED
Genetic inits. RNA
Habitual liar ANANIAS
Hanger site CLOSET
Harriet's hubby OZZIE
High-flown ARTSY
Huge truck RIG
Hwy. turnoffs RDS
I, in Germany ICH
Imaginary troublemaker GREMLIN
In swelling surges BILLOWY
Influence SWAY
IRS info SSN
It's north of Mex. USA
Clues Answers
Japanese electronics giant HITACHI
Japanese port OSAKA
Jellied fishes EELS
Kid's query CANI
Knot-tying art MACRAME
Lennon's middle name ONO
Like lazy Susans and car tires ROTATABLE
Lou Grant player EDASNER
Lunch time NOON
Magna -- laude CUM
Make cuts in INCISE
Mess-free NEAT
Miami-to-Orlando dir. NNW
Midleg joint KNEE
Most hopeful ROSIEST
New Jersey or California city MONTCLAIR
Norse deity ODIN
Old Russian despot TSAR
Old TV legal drama LALAW
Once -- lifetime INA
One evading ELUDER
Open-air lobbies ATRIA
Parody paper's Web video broadcast ONIONNEWSNETWORK
Penitent sort ATONER
Penny metal ZINC
Placing, as a wager LAYING
Poker post ANTE
Post-blunder humiliation EGGONONESFACE
Put into effect ENACT
Race circuit LAP
Really test TRY
San Diego suburb LAMESA
Schuss, e.g. SKI
Sea-flooded grasslands SALTMARSHES
Sediment SILT
See 106-Down ASTRAY
Seuss' Sam- -- IAM
She played Maude BEA
Shelley poem ODE
Shrek voicer Mike MYERS
Singer Raitt BONNIE
Slip-up ERROR
Stops flying LANDS
Striped stone AGATE
Stuffed shirt SNOB
Suffix with ball OON
Sun Bowl city ELPASO
Sun. speech SER
Taj -- MAHAL
Tenant ouster EVICTOR
The last Mrs. Chaplin OONA
Touring show with Muppets SESAMESTREETLIVE
Toward dawn EAST
Trade ban EMBARGO
Tree toppler AXE
TV doctor Marcus WELBY
Type ILK
Used to exist WAS
Utah's capital, for short SLC
Vex greatly EATAT
What 'veni' means ICAME
Wife of Geraint ENID
Witchy spells HEXES
With 98-Down wandering, GOING
Without, to Pierre SANS
Women's magazine ELLE
Wright and Tan AMYS
Yes, to Yvette OUI
Zeno's H ETA