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Clues Answers
'-- Buddies' BOSOM
'Dilate' singer DiFranco ANI
'Do I dare to -- peach?': T.S. Eliot EATA
'Hamlet' role OPHELIA
'Maximum Bob novelist -- Leonard' ELMORE
'My Way' lyricist Paul ANKA
'Pontiac' singer Lyle LOVETT
-- -bitsy ITSY
-- Aviv, Israel TEL
-- Balls (Hostess brand) SNO
-- Doria (ill-fated ship) ANDREA
-- Lingus AER
1956 Fats Domino hit BLUEBERRYHILL
1957 Harry Belafonte hit THEBANANABOATSONG
1964 Millie Small hit MYBOYLOLLIPOP
1971 Don McLean hit AMERICANPIE
1972 Sammy Davis Jr. hit THECANDYMAN
1975 Patti LaBelle hit LADYMARMALADE
1994 Tori Amos hit CORNFLAKEGIRL
4 p.m. drink TEA
A little bit wet DAMP
Abbr. on a phone dial OPER
Achieved GOT
Acid neutralizer ALKALI
Actor Sparks NED
Actress Slezak ERIKA
Actress Verdon GWEN
Adm.'s force USN
Adriatic, e.g. SEA
Ambassador LEGATE
B'way locale NYC
Bad luck HOODOO
Batting order LINEUP
Belly-laugh syllable HAR
Beneficiary HEIR
Big bore YAWNER
Black piano keys, familiarly EBONIES
Bound by routine INARUT
Bullring 'Bravo!' OLE
Bumped off DIDIN
Canon camera line EOS
Car buyer's transaction TRADEIN
Cell's protein maker RNA
Chevy subcompact AVEO
Coal scuttle HOD
Commercial on the telly ADVERT
Cotton gin inventor Whitney ELI
Defendant in a defamation suit LIBELEE
Ditty syllable TRA
Divest (of) RID
Don't go out STAYIN
Earhart in the air AMELIA
Exhibits fallibility ERRS
Fateful day for Caesar IDES
Fillers of job positions HIRERS
Fireplace fill LOGS
Foot-leg joint ANKLE
For the (temporarily) -- NONCE
Frau's mate HERR
From birth INNATE
Gaze upon STAREAT
Germane APT
Get steamy FOGUP
Giggly laugh TEEHEE
Give a hand to AID
Graceful ELEGANT
Gradual absorption OSMOSIS
Clues Answers
Gray general LEE
Have a meal DINE
High-tech pic producer DIGICAM
Higher than OVER
Historic time period ERA
Hollywood's Kilmer VAL
Hot, dust-laden wind SIROCCO
In a lazy way IDLY
In reality DEFACTO
Inc., in Britain LTD
Intelligence SMARTS
Japanese poem HAIKU
John Jacob -- (fur king) ASTOR
Jump vertically LEAPUP
Last: Abbr. ULT
Lay odds BET
Leg part SHIN
Like clocks with hands ANALOG
Lima natives OHIOANS
Lots and lots OODLES
Loving touch CARESS
Low (like some diets)- -- CARB
More ludicrous INANER
More profound DEEPER
More yummy TASTIER
Most spicy HOTTEST
Nelson or Hornblower HORATIO
New York's -- Island STATEN
Once more AGAIN
Once more than two times THRICE
One- -- (short films) REELERS
Ones laying linoleum TILERS
Ovid's 53 LIII
Own up to ADMIT
Paintball sound SPLAT
Patriot Allen ETHAN
Petty of 'Free Willy' LORI
Place to enter a PIN ATM
Plains Indian OTO
Playful mischief ROGUERY
Pontiffs' crowns TIARAS
Pool length LAP
Prefix with cycle or lateral UNI
Prefix with physical META
Present but not visible LATENT
Refined finds ORES
River in Nebraska PLATTE
Rudimentary calculators ABACI
Secret plan PLOT
See 89-Down RAT
Simon & Garfunkel hit CECILIA
Singer Sumac YMA
Slow drinker SIPPER
Soil: Prefix AGRO
Squeaks (out) EKES
Sun's output RAYS
T-shirt size: Abbr. LGE
Tic-toe linkup TAC
Tiger or seal MAMMAL
Time in office TENURE
Toga party group FRAT
Tools that create neat lawn borders EDGERS
Unruly crowd participants MOBBERS
Verizon or AT&T, briefly TELCO
Wanderers ROVERS
Wedding vow IDO
Wish one could undo RUE
With 24-Down, research rodent LAB
Wrinkle removers IRONERS