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Clues Answers
'-- a Rebel' HES
'-- ben Adhem' ABOU
'-- drink!' (tense person's cry) INEEDA
'-- favor' POR
'-- no idea!' IHAD
'--, vidi, vici' VENI
'Believe -- not!' ITOR
'Bewitched' actor Dick SARGENT
'Failure -- an option' ISNOT
'I don't give --!' ARIP
'Interview With the Vampire' novelist ANNERICE
'Oh yeah? -- who?' SEZ
'Romy and --'s High School Reunion' MICHELE
'Truth be told ...' FACTIS
'Volare (-- Blu Dipinto di Blu)' NEL
-- and aah OOH
-- colada PINA
-- the bud (stop early) NIPIN
-- the cloth (clerics) MENOF
-- Vegas LAS
16-Down's husband UNCLE
25-Across's wife AUNT
Abdomen GUT
Accumulate PILEUP
Advantages BENEFITS
Alcoholic appetizer APERITIF
Alway EER
Attractions with tame critters, to a Greek god? PETTINGZEUS
Back end REAR
Bath beers ALES
Begin using ADOPT
Boy or girl KID
Brainstorm IDEA
Brickell or Falco EDIE
Bring about changing times, to a Greek goddess? USHERINANEWHERA
Cain's sib ABEL
Car variety COUPE
Castle, in chess ROOK
Cautiously, to a Roman goddess? CLOSETOTHEVESTA
Church officers ELDERS
Clan quarrel FEUD
Cooks, as clams STEAMS
Couturier Christian DIOR
Covert org. CIA
Crooned SUNG
Defeat OUTDO
Digging tool SPADE
Dwell on an exhausted topic, to an Egyptian god? BEATADEADHORUS
Early Ford EDSEL
Eelpot, e.g. FISHTRAP
Emphasizes STRESSES
Enemies FOES
Engrave ETCH
Evaluates ASSAYS
Eye, in Paris OEIL
F. -- Bailey LEE
Fast photo-developing outlet MINILAB
Flavored frozen treats, to an Egyptian goddess? ITALIANISIS
Fr. martyress, maybe STE
Frame jobs SETUPS
French for 'water' EAU
Fruity quaffs ADES
Fugue writer BACH
German trousers HOSEN
Golfer Michelle WIE
Having gotten home past one's curfew INLATE
Hawaiian state bird NENE
Clues Answers
High-hoper ASPIRANT
Horse rider's chafing, to a Norse god? SADDLETHOR
It is, in Peru ESTA
Jean- -- Ponty LUC
Karel Capek sci-fi play RUR
Kind of deli sandwich EGGSALAD
Lamprey lurers EELERS
Leno and Mohr JAYS
Little plateau MESA
Los -- (New Mexico city) ALAMOS
Lover of Aeneas DIDO
Magnum -- OPUS
Maiden name of Eva Peron DUARTE
Make a flub ERR
Make the rounds in a restaurant TABLEHOP
Martini liquor GIN
Milan moon LUNA
MP3 player IPOD
Musical scale's span OCTAVE
Nearsighted cartoon 'Mr.' MAGOO
Nightclub in a Manilow title, briefly COPA
Norway port OSLO
Nullifies REVOKES
Old spokescow ELSIE
Periodic payments STIPENDS
Pool player's 'English' SIDESPIN
Prone APT
Reagan decade, to a Greek god? NINETEENHADES
Regions, to a Greek god? GEOGRAPHICARES
Reply of disbelief, to a Roman goddess? YOUARENTCERES
River inlet RIA
Roaring 55-Across LIONS
Rockies range TETONS
Sacrifice hit BUNT
See 89-Across ACOIN
Seth's son ENOS
Sherlockian villain MORIARTY
Shut tightly SEAL
Slowing, in mus. RIT
Small casks KEGS
Son of Isaac ESAU
Sort of QUASI
Steinbeck novel, to a Norse god? EASTOFODIN
Stooped BENT
Stratum TIER
Study of motion's forces KINETICS
Summit APEX
Syllables of laughter HAS
Take in food EAT
Tic- -- -toe TAC
Took a chair SAT
Tuna-snaring nets SEINES
Tyler of film LIV
U.S. border lake ERIE
Unexpected SUDDEN
Unit of loudness SONE
Uno tripled TRE
Use a stun gun on TASE
Verbalize SPEAK
Villa d'-- ESTE
Villain in 'Aladdin' JAFAR
Viva -- VOCE
Wheel bars AXLES
Winter vehicle with treads SNOCAT
With 7-Down, decide by calling heads or tails TOSS
Wooden shoe SABOT
Writer Anya SETON