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Clues Answers
'-- bien!' TRES
'... or -- thought' SOI
'7 Faces of Dr (1964 film). --' LAO
'Ars -- artis' (MGM motto) GRATIA
'Hold this note' musical symbol FERMATA
'Honest' president ABE
'Joyful Girl' singer DiFranco ANI
'That's right' YES
'You -- here' ARE
'You Can Call Me Al' singer PAULSIMON
-- -Magnon CRO
-- -mo SLO
-- offensive TET
1957 Mickey & Sylvia hit LOVEISSTRANGE
1970 Julie Andrews musical film DARLINGLILI
Actress Jodi -- O'Keefe LYN
Actress/model Angie EVERHART
Amp (up) REV
Bend, as light REFRACT
Big name in small planes CESSNA
Bright night lights NEONS
Burn with steam SCALD
Card game expert HOYLE
Carnival shelter TENT
Cartoonist Browne DIK
Chinese chef's pan WOK
Citrus drinks LEMONADES
Classic baseball-themed poem CASEYATTHEBAT
Contorts WARPS
Corridor HALL
Cosmetics magnate Lauder ESTEE
Cub Scout leader AKELA
Culture base AGAR
Danielle Steel's work ROMANCENOVELS
Defendants' opponents SUERS
Des --, Iowa MOINES
Doctrine ISM
Dresses of India SARIS
El Paso site TEXAS
Elia works ESSAYS
End a fight, as spouses KISSANDMAKEUP
Ewe's partner RAM
Eyebrow curves ARCS
Fairly large SIZABLE
Fake identity ALIAS
False earnestness SMARM
Fermented beverages MEADS
First full mo. of fall OCT
First garden EDEN
Food writer Rombauer IRMA
Foot pedal TREADLE
Forms of government REGIMES
Giant conflict WAR
Glorify LAUD
Gun lobby org. NRA
Having no male offspring SONLESS
Helps AIDS
High peaks, to Franois ALPES
Hospital sections WARDS
In a brainy way SMARTLY
Indian bread NAN
Indoor contact sport ARENAFOOTBALL
Inside layers LININGS
Iranian language FARSI
Italian port SALERNO
Clues Answers
Leave (reward the waiter) -- ATIP
Like some glazed hams HONEYBAKED
Livid MAD
Loch -- NESS
Luau dance HULA
Makes calm STILLS
Male, e.g. SEX
Mongrels MUTTS
Motion sickness medicine DRAMAMINE
Move out of the way STEPASIDE
Negative responses NOS
Nelson of South Africa MANDELA
Night before a holiday EVE
Not a late touchdown ONTIMEARRIVAL
Nuisances PESTS
Offshore ATSEA
Old foe of Frazier ALI
Particulars ITEMS
PDQ cousin ASAP
Persian king SHAH
Pi's follower RHO
Potato chip brand UTZ
Pouchlike body parts SACS
Printing mistakes ERRATA
Punch-in-the-gut response OOF
Quietude REST
Ran, as dye BLED
Record producer Brian ENO
Record producer Phil SPECTOR
Recreation FUN
Reserved quality RETICENCE
Resort in New Mexico TAOS
Richard of 'Mr. Jones' GERE
Rugby play SCRUM
Samson or Hercules STRONGMAN
Sandbank site SHOAL
Seasoned sailor OLDSALT
Set eyes on SEE
Sharp-toothed reef dweller MORAYEEL
Shirt part ARM
Sicilian erupter ETNA
Slur over ELIDE
Small dollop DAB
Smooth shift SEGUE
Soft powder TALC
Sounds of relief AHS
Spy gp. CIA
Stand for a painting EASEL
Start of a columnist's reply DEARREADER
Stop along a bus rte. STA
Striped marble AGATE
Super-suspenseful HEARTSTOPPING
Sweetheart FLAME
Syringe tips NEEDLES
Tear down LEVEL
That is, to Cato IDEST
The ACLU works to protect them: Abbr. RTS
Topped with paving gunk TARRED
Toronto Maple -- LEAFS
Touch gently PAT
Track-and-field event DISCUS
Train track components RAILS
Two weeks before Easter PASSIONSUNDAY
Untilled field LEA
Vain one EGOIST
Very high peak EVEREST
Wet impact sounds SPLATS
Wizards' org. NBA