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Clues Answers
'Am -- believe this?' ITO
'Artaxerxes' composer Thomas ARNE
'Believe -- not!' ITOR
'Boy!' or 'girl!' lead-in ATTA
'Do I need to draw you --?' AMAP
'General' of Chinese menus TSO
'Havana' actor Milian TOMAS
'I like Ike' pres. DDE
'Stop! Or -- Will Shoot' (1992 film) MYMOM
'Today' co-host Meredith VIEIRA
'Ugly Betty' actress Ortiz ANA
A model strikes one POSE
Airport stat ETD
Alias, e.g. NAME
Allocates ALLOTS
Archipelago composition ISLES
Astringent plums SLOES
Attacks from an airplane STRAFES
Auspices AEGIS
Bangkok natives THAIS
Be the owner of HAVE
Beverages POTABLES
Big bellies POTS
Big steps STRIDES
Big-eyed nestlings OWLETS
Bit for crime lab analysis DNASAMPLE
Book after Galatians Abbr.: EPH
Book keeper SHELF
Brightening stars NOVAE
Bruins' Bobby ORR
Bull features HORNS
Can't say no HASTO
Cantaloupe, e.g. MELON
Carousal SPREE
Cato's skill ARS
Certain bent pipe ELL
Chorus voices ALTOS
Circular OSHAPED
Cocoon constructors LARVAE
Coffee lighteners CREAMS
Comment of concern ICARE
Consecrate ANOINT
Cowboy ropes LARIATS
D followers EFG
Delighted in SAVORED
Detailed narrative SAGA
Donna of Clinton's cabinet SHALALA
Dress all fancily DOLLUP
En masse ASONE
Expropriates USURPS
Fast, musically ALLEGRO
Fast- -- (quick) PACED
FBI head Robert MUELLER
Fido's doc VET
Flu-ridden ILL
From Iceland, e.g. NORSE
Get hitched SAYIDO
God of wine BACCHUS
Harass NAG
Huge hammering machines PILEDRIVERS
Humiliating person DEBASER
In -- (stagnant) ARUT
In a serious way SOBERLY
In a way, informally SORTA
It's taken while wearing a cuff BLOODPRESSURE
Jacuzzi site SPA
Clues Answers
Keystone -- KOP
Kind of 35mm camera SLR
Large pharmacy chain CVS
Less remote NEARER
Let out of jail early PAROLE
Lift enclosures ELEVATORCARS
Like fleas and lice WINGLESS
Lions' org. NFL
Lots (of) AHOST
Love, to Fifi AMOUR
Lupino of 'Moontide' IDA
M-16, e.g. RIFLE
Main artery AORTA
Maker of fashionable dresses MODISTE
Mauna -- LOA
Meatheads OAFS
More slender LEANER
Name on a thesaurus ROGET
Naval off. CDR
Nearly a dozen ELEVEN
Nebbish WIMP
Not one NONE
Objects DEMURS
One after another INAROW
One frosting a cake ICER
Ornamental pond fish KOI
Pal of Piglet ROO
Paris palace ELYSEE
Parsonage MANSE
Planet Mork hailed from ORK
Pop star Celine DION
Positively perilous place DEATHTRAP
Product label abbr. NETWT
Quarterback Graham OTTO
Ringlet CURL
Rizzo played by Dustin Hoffman RATSO
Rooftop wind indicator VANE
Saintly PIOUS
Scalp, say RESELL
Season starter? PRE
Seoul locale KOREA
Shirt TOP
Shows one's fallibility ERRS
Singer Barry LEN
Singer Lynn LORETTA
Some investors play it THESTOCKMARKET
Sowing apparatus SEEDER
Speakers' platforms PODIA
St. Paul-to-St. Louis dir. SSE
State-run game LOTTERY
Storm into INVADE
Stupefy BEMUSE
Suffix with Harlem ITE
Tennis player Majoli IVA
They're often flown on poles MEMORIALFLAGS
Throat projections ADAMSAPPLES
Triple crown TIARA
Untidiness MESS
Usurer's offering LOAN
Vid recorder CAM
Waiting in neutral IDLING
Wild canine WOLF
WWII female enlistee WAC