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Clues Answers
'-- a pity' TIS
'Ali -- and the Forty Thieves' BABA
'It's -- to the finish!' ARACE
'Ka-blam!' BOOM
'Well, that's obvious!' DUH
'Yeah right!' ASIF
-- fide BONA
-- Lee (food brand) SARA
5,280 feet MILE
Abate EBB
Acting prize OSCAR
Actor Bakula stops snoozing? [Canada] SCOTTAWAKENS
Actor Bana ERIC
Actress Berry HALLE
Actress Tandy does a pressing job? [Egypt] JESSICAIRONS
Alda and Turing ALANS
American Indians OTOES
As a friend, in France ENAMI
At the crest ATOP
Biblical giant makes certain? [Greece] GOLIATHENSURES
Big elevator name OTIS
Big name in thesauruses ROGET
Binges JAGS
Bit of a fight SPAT
Bogus coin SLUG
Boot bottom SOLE
Braying one ASS
Bugging bug PEST
Builds up AMASSES
Bullfight cheer OLE
By birth NEE
Cancun coin PESO
Capt.'s inferiors LTS
Cat covering FUR
Chill-inducing EERIE
CIA sort SPY
City near Buffalo, NY ERIEPA
Cocky walk STRUT
Colorless PALE
Comic Diller uses glue? [Portugal] PHYLLISBONDS
Composer Manuel de -- FALLA
Concerning punishment PENAL
Cooped (up) PENT
Country in West Africa MALI
Criminal gives to Goodwill? [England] FELONDONATES
De -- (too much) TROP
Declares it to be true SAYSSO
Doze NAP
Dressing room comment ITSYOU
Dry red wine, for short ZIN
Elev. ALT
Elevated fortification RAMPART
Ellipse bit ARC
Emmy nominee Hatcher TERI
Enjoy dinner SUP
Exactly accurate DEADON
Fails to DOESNT
Favre of football BRETT
Feared African fly TSETSE
Female fowl HEN
Fern part FROND
Fit to be farmed on ARABLE
Flows out POURS
Fond du -- LAC
Football kick PUNT
Fork part TINE
Former airline TWA
Foul up ERR
Fourscore minus nine SEVENTYONE
Fuel derived from fermenting organic waste BIOGAS
Clues Answers
Get back together REUNITE
Golf resort near Miami DORAL
Greek 'T' TAU
Having no education ILLITERATE
Herring nets SEINES
Holds up LASTS
In a funk SAD
Ivy League university YALE
Jesting sort WIT
Jordan's capital AMMAN
Jurists' org. ABA
Less lengthy BRIEFER
Letters after Q RST
Like a just-used potter's wheel CLAYEY
Like history PAST
Like many a football kick ONSIDE
Loser to Ike ADLAI
Lucy's Desi ARNAZ
Luisiana or Tejas ESTADO
Many music albums CDS
Marries WEDS
Massive HUGE
McCarthy aide Roy COHN
Message on a dust jacket BLURB
Midnight's opposite NOON
Mom's sister AUNT
New Zealander MAORI
Nine-player pieces NONETS
Off the boat ASHORE
One crying 'Boo!' SCARER
One pruning a tree, e.g. LOPPER
Pages ripped from publications TEARSHEETS
Pen option BIC
Picket, e.g. STAKE
Pizarro conquered it PERU
Plants with foul smells STINKWEEDS
Potpie tidbit PEA
Puts forth OFFERS
Religious group SECT
Require as part of the agreement STIPULATE
Revival yell AMEN
Seven-player pieces SEPTETS
Singer Tritt TRAVIS
Smell -- (be suspicious) ARAT
Soprano Dawn UPSHAW
Spoken by mouth ORAL
State of mind ATTITUDE
Suffix with switch EROO
Tall zoo attractions GIRAFFES
Tax audit gp. IRS
Tennis hit LOB
Texas oil city ODESSA
Thief hangs around? [Germany] ROBBERLINGERS
Tibetan native scales the Himalayas? [France] SHERPARISES
Trailways vehicles BUSES
UIm article DER
Unit in realty LOT
University near 92-Across EDINBORO
Volcano stuff ASH
Wanderer mocks someone? [Spain] NOMADRIDICULES
Was fuming RAGED
Web-footed mammals OTTERS
Wind dir. ESE
Windsor loc. ONT
Word in many Arabic names IBN
Yemen city ADEN
Yogi loses a stare-down? [Ireland] HINDUBLINKS
Zhou -- ENLAI