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Clues Answers
'-- a break!' GIMME
'-- gratias' ('thanks to God') DEO
'-- the Blues' (Sinatra hit) LEARNIN
'Ecstasy' star gets out of bed? LAMARRRISES
'F Troop' sergeant OROURKE
'Gunsmoke' star James ARNESS
'It Must Be Him' singer goes green? CARRRECYCLES
'M*A*S*H' actor goes on a tear? FARRRAMPAGES
'Now I -- down to sleep ...' LAYME
'The King and I co-star romps?' KERRROLLICKS
'There's no -- worry' NEEDTO
'Tootsie' co-star glows with happiness? GARRRADIATES
-- cava (large blood vessel) VENA
-- de Oro RIO
-- liver (iron-rich dish) CALFS
-- Pahlevi (last shah of Iran) REZA
-- sheet RAP
2001 Sean Penn drama IAMSAM
A Gabor EVA
Actor Mineo SAL
Actress Lucy LIU
Adjective modifier ADVERB
Airline safety org. FAA
Alaska or Okla., once TERR
Ancient alphabet character RUNE
Artlessness NAIVETE
Artsy- -- CRAFTSY
Bakes, as eggs SHIRRS
Be unwell AIL
Beatles drummer plays too fast? STARRRUSHES
Bedclothes LINENS
Biochemical energy source, for short ATP
Boxing unit ROUND
Bring up REAR
Brit's fencing sword SABRE
Carte start ALA
College sports gp. NCAA
Comic actress gets suds out? BARRRINSES
Composer Johannes BRAHMS
Craze FAD
Critics, often RATERS
Cured, dried fish SALTCOD
Declares to be true SAYSSO
Dine SUP
Dine like Jack Sprat's wife EATFAT
Disconnect DETACH
Disney lioness NALA
Eaten snail ESCARGOT
Egyptian cross ANKH
Endorses BACKS
Fall in drops TRICKLE
Field of rice PADDY
Firstborn ELDEST
Fixed price SETFEE
Fort --, New Jersey DIX
Freight unit NETTON
French town in WWII fighting STLO
Frontier figure Wyatt EARP
Funeral pile PYRE
Gallery work ART
Get gray AGE
Go 'achoo!' SNEEZE
Gps. of spin doctors PRFIRMS
Hamilton's dueling rival steals cattle? BURRRUSTLES
Have thoughts IDEATE
Heart parts ATRIA
Henry VIII's sixth wife rebels? PARRREVOLTS
Hockey legend goes in circles? ORRROTATES
Clues Answers
Hurried HIED
In -- (prior to birth) UTERO
Ingests too much, briefly ODS
Insect found in hot areas FIREBRAT
Joan of -- ARC
L.A. locale SOCAL
La-la lead-in TRA
Labor leader Chavez CESAR
Lacking joy SAD
Lauder of makeup ESTEE
Like always ASEVER
List abbr. ETC
Lobster eater's wear BIB
Looking after one's own needs SELFCARE
Low playing card TREY
Make gaunt EMACIATE
Manipulate USE
Meat-grading org. USDA
Memory aid REMINDER
More saucy PERTER
Moved like a bunny HOPPED
Mrs. Truman BESS
Next of -- KIN
No longer a minor ADULT
Norma -- (Field role) RAE
Novelist Hemingway ERNEST
NYC opera house THEMET
Old overlord TSAR
Omitted, as from a list LEFTOFF
Pacino and Capone ALS
Parisian girlfriend AMIE
Part of 61-Across: Abbr. AGR
People bringing things about CAUSERS
Performing below the norm INASLUMP
Pig's pad STY
Playa del -- REY
Pope of the 10th century LEOV
Purse part STRAP
Red Muppet ELMO
Rifle, e.g. GUN
Schnozz suffix OLA
Sis, say SIB
Slugger Mel OTT
Smothered STIFLED
Soccer site ARENA
Soccer superstar PELE
South Carolina river or island EDISTO
Spam holder CAN
Spooned out LADLED
Spring -- (start to drip) ALEAK
Strip (down) PARE
Teen spots? ACNE
Three-letter sequence TRIGRAM
Time delay LAG
Tiny particle ATOM
To be, in Cannes ETRE
Touch one's toes, e.g. LEANOVER
Toyota of the 1990s PASEO
Travelers by ship SEAGOERS
Ukraine port ODESSA
Unrefined source of element #50 TINORE
VCR abbr. REC
Vigorous campaigner CRUSADER
Wandering ASTRAY
West Bank city near Jerusalem HEBRON
World's fairs EXPOS
Wrongful act, legally TORT