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Clues Answers
'-- Lucy' (old sitcom) ILOVE
'-- Only Just Begun' WEVE
'Baloney!' HOGWASH
'Batman' theme composer Hefti NEAL
'Cool!' NEAT
'Frasier' brother NILES
'Hogan's Heroes' title role player BOBCRANE
'If I Only -- a Brain' HAD
'Lou Grant' star EDASNER
'Our Gang' author Philip ROTH
'Where -- you?' ARE
-- Air Command TACTICAL
-- of Liberty STATUE
1934 Duke Ellington hit DAYBREAKEXPRESS
1939 Glenn Miller hit SUNRISESERENADE
1958 Platters hit TWILIGHTTIME
1972 Cat Stevens hit MORNINGHASBROKEN
1975 Melissa Manchester hit MIDNIGHTBLUE
1976 Starland Vocal Band hit AFTERNOONDELIGHT
1984 Kenny Rogers hit EVENINGSTAR
Abysses PITS
Actress Jessica BIEL
Allergy trigger, often DUST
Alternative to stairs ELEVATOR
America's bird EAGLE
Animal coat FUR
Autumn flowers ASTERS
Be alive EXIST
Be defeated by LOSETO
Big name in pasta sauce RAGU
Bits of legislation ACTS
Bronchial problem ASTHMA
Calligraphy stroke SERIF
Car named after an explorer DESOTO
Card game with tricks EUCHRE
Cave dwarf TROLL
Chaired LED
Class often taken before calculus: Abbr. TRIGON
Condition of one's sole? FLATFOOT
Conical shelter TEPEE
De-creasing tool IRON
DeMille films EPICS
Demise END
Dog food brand IAMS
Dollar division CENT
Dunderhead IDIOT
Emptiness VOID
Event with a jury TRIAL
Existed WAS
Facilitating EASING
Fade away EBB
Family KIN
Fast-food staple BURGER
Feels the same way AGREES
Fertile loam deposited by the wind LOESS
Fictional Plaza Hotel girl ELOISE
Fitness class GYM
Floppy rabbit feature EAR
Forthcoming INSTORE
French port BREST
Gorilla, e.g. APE
Grab a bite EAT
Greek dawn goddess EOS
Greek from Canea CRETAN
Hauled off to jail RANIN
Held sway RULED
Clues Answers
Hit head-on SLAMINTO
Humor writer Bombeck ERMA
Hunting dog SETTER
Individuals ONES
Israel's Abba EBAN
Karenina of fiction ANNA
Kazan of filmdom ELIA
Loosen, as shoelaces UNTIE
Madonna-and-child artwork PIETA
Make a burrow DIG
Marking with dirty streaks SMUDGING
Meager SCANT
Most deep-piled PLUSHEST
Neighbor of Morocco ALGERIA
Not fit to be eaten INEDIBLE
Notch shape VEE
Novelist Morante ELSA
Occupies a chair SITS
Of the sticks RURAL
On -- (enjoying good luck) AROLL
One courting WOOER
One taking an exam TESTEE
Oral contest DEBATE
Ordinary USUAL
Packed down with light blows TAMPED
Person taking five RESTER
Petit four, e.g. TEACAKE
Pi-sigma link RHO
Pitcher Joss ADDIE
Prefix with romantic NEO
Prime -- (circle in geography) MERIDIAN
Promise VOW
Puccini song ARIA
Put back on the bulletin board REPOST
Q followers RST
Regret RUE
Rude fellow CAD
Scanner of bar codes: Abbr. OCR
Shearer of 'The Snob' NORMA
Sicilian lava spewer ETNA
Single-person, as a band ONEMAN
Smug smile SMIRK
Soccer's Hamm MIA
Sowed anew RESEEDED
Stimpy's canine bud REN
Story TALE
Striped gem AGATE
Suffix with Bern ESE
Sugar -- CANE
Swizzle STIR
That, in Sonora ESO
They smell NOSES
Tips of pens NIBS
TiVo forerunner VCR
Total lowlife SLEAZE
Triangle part LEG
Two fivers TEN
Upper canine EYETOOTH
Use as an ice rink SKATEON
Very private INTIMATE
Vietnamese holiday TET
Vincent Price film THEFLY
Wading bird EGRET
Wave rider SURFER
Wichita-to-Omaha dir. NNE
Wild and crazy folks ZANIES
Wind gusts GALES