Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate - Jul 12 2009

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Clues Answers
'-- a living!' ITS
'-- boy!' ATTA
'-- man despise thee Titus 2:15': LETNO
'-- Rhythm' IGOT
'-- turns out ...' ASIT
'--, Brute!' ETTU
'Am -- late?' ITOO
'Can -- true?' ITBE
'Cut it out!' STOP
'I do' sites ALTARS
'Kalifornia' star Brad PITT
'Nick of Time' singer Bonnie RAITT
'The lady -- protest too much' DOTH
'The Prophecy actor Elias' KOTEAS
'Tsk, tsk!' TUT
'Waiting for Godot' playwright Samuel BECKETT
'When I Take My Sugar (1931 song) --' TOTEA
-- Green (old eloper's mecca) GRETNA
-- Martin (British car) ASTON
-- of duty TOUR
-- Reader (magazine) UTNE
Archaic verb ending ETH
Arctic plain TUNDRA
AT&T employee OPERATOR
Ayr resident SCOT
Baby's sock BOOTIE
Ballet pieces TUTUS
Baseball tool BAT
Baseballer Mel OTT
Be overhasty RUSHIT
Beau -- (noble action) GESTE
Boatload TON
Bronze taker's place THIRD
Can opener TAB
Cause people to stare at you ATTRACTATTENTION
City near Rome TIVOLI
Coil inventor Nikola TESLA
Come -- head TOA
Container for gratuities TIPJAR
Cultural spirit ETHOS
Deadlock TIE
Ear-relevant prefix OTO
Early Nebraskans OTOS
Exam for an MBA hopeful GMAT
Fastening bars with crosspieces for heads TBOLTS
Feverish HOT
Film critic Roger EBERT
Finesse TACT
Fish story TALE
Flattered servilely TOADIED
Flirting giggle TEHEE
Flowery ORNATE
Flying stat ALT
Formal rulings DICTA
French for 'other' AUTRE
Frequently, poetically OFT
Gang land TURF
German for 'east' OST
Get twisted CONTORT
Gloves for goalies MITTS
Gradually slowing, in mus. RIT
Grain type OAT
Greek vowels ETAS
Hanoi holiday TET
Historic South Carolina fort SUMTER
Homebuilt aircraft KITPLANE
Irish dogs SETTERS
Italian 'three' TRE
Keg add-on TAP
Clues Answers
Kids around JESTS
Kin of self- AUTO
Knot or watt UNIT
Laborious TOILSOME
Lake fish TROUT
Land in a lake ISLET
Larceny THEFT
Letter that appears at least once in every single answer in this puzzle TEE
Luminaries STARS
Mail status SENT
Make -- buck AFAST
Matador TORERO
Means -- end TOAN
Mo. in fall OCT
Moe, Larry, or Curly STOOGE
Most see-through SHEEREST
Most yummy TASTIEST
Muffin holder TIN
Muscle that tightens TENSOR
New Mexico county OTERO
No Doubt singer Gwen STEFANI
NYC's first subway line IRT
Old Fords LTDS
Old geezer COOT
Old JFK jet SST
On a scale from one -- TOTEN
One aiding ASSISTER
Part of MFA ARTS
Placates SOOTHES
Playful prank ANTIC
PLO leader Yasir ARAFAT
Poker costs ANTES
Pratibha -- (India's first female president) PATIL
Pre- -- (took precedence over) EMPTED
Printer need TONER
Psychic's card TAROT
Put up with TOLERATE
R-V link STU
Rapper with a Grammy ICET
Really shine STANDOUT
Regarding ASTO
Rome's river TIBER
Rte. parts STS
Safety item NET
Sch. close to Harvard MIT
Sched. guess ETA
School org. PTA
Sew loosely BASTE
Sgt.'s charge PVT
Show off FLAUNT
Sired, biblically BEGOTTEN
Speck DOT
Start liking COTTONTO
Stilts' homes NESTS
Subject, to Cicero THEMA
Suffix with Rock or disk ETTE
Summer, in Brest ETE
Tickle a lot ELATE
Tit for -- TAT
Title's first word, often THE
Tosspot SOT
Track wager BET
Trunk attachments TREEROOTS
Umpire's yell OUT
Univ. aides TAS
Uno, dos, -- TRES
Venus de Milo, for one STATUE
Wed. preceder TUE
What's factual about an issue THETRUTHOFTHEMATTER
Wolf down EAT
Yellow Monopoly bill TEN
Zap with a stun gun TASE