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Clues Answers
'... -- you like it or not!' WHETHER
'Beats me' IDUNNO
'Cast the -- the right side of the ship John 21:6': NETON
'Give -- best shot!' ITYOUR
'His' partner HERS
'I'll be right there!' HOLDONASECOND
'Ick!' EWW
'Nothing is -- seems' ASIT
'Phooey!' DRAT
'Sure -- standing here!' ASIM
'Toodle-oo!' IMOFF
'Wake Up Little --' SUSIE
'What are -- to?' YOUUP
'What's the --?' DIF
-- -Chinese INDO
-- Carlo MONTE
-- nous (between us) ENTRE
-- scale (mineral hardness gauge) MOHS
1973 Toni Morrison novel SULA
1987 drama starring Colin Firth and Kenneth Branagh AMONTHINTHECOUNTRY
Abundant RIFE
Actor Ryan ONEAL
Afore ERE
Andes beast LLAMA
Apartment next to the super's, perhaps ONEB
Armor piece PLATE
Atlas blowup INSET
Atoning punishment PENANCE
Baja shawls SERAPES
Be liable to OWE
Blind as -- ABAT
Body shop? SPA
Bro or sis SIB
Callas and Montessori MARIAS
Campus e-mail ender EDU
Central Florida city OCALA
Chair part SEAT
Climbed SCALED
Comedy HUMOR
Comic Foxx and others REDDS
Cornell site ITHACA
Cowboy's perch SADDLE
Cruel beast OGRE
Dali's tongue SPANISH
Dance move, when tripled CHA
Diary LOG
Direct path BEELINE
DJ's array CDS
Doles (out) METES
Dots in the Seine ILES
Drawn tight TAUT
E. Coast ocean ATL
Edinburgh-London dir. SSE
Egyptian Christian COPT
Element #53 IODINE
Extorts from BLEEDS
Figure out SOLVE
Fitzgerald of jazz fame ELLA
Fleeced female EWE
Fond du -- LAC
Fuel usage measure GALLONSPERMINUTE
Game show with 'instant bargains' SALEOFTHECENTURY
Gave a PG to, e.g. RATED
Gets old AGES
Glass raiser's words ATOAST
Gobs' mops SWABS
God of love AMOR
Greek N's NUS
Greet nonverbally NODAT
Guitar kin LUTE
Clues Answers
Hand digit THUMB
Hip abodes PADS
In a group of AMONG
Iran, once PERSIA
It's between abril and junho MAIO
It's charged ION
Italy's home EUROPE
Its cap. is Topeka KAN
Kind of radio show CALLIN
Korean, e.g. ASIATIC
Lean (on) RELY
Like live events at which audience members may perform OPENMIC
Mail in SEND
Make -- out of (refute) ALIAR
Military gp. DIV
Mired, with 'down' BOGGED
Moo -- pork SHU
Munster kid EDDIE
Nero's 951 CMLI
Officer under Capt. Kirk MRSULU
One dyeing COLORER
Opuses for nine NONETS
OR tubes IVS
Ostrich kin EMU
Pacific island nation NAURU
Patriotic women's gp. DAR
Per item APOP
Period in school just before graduation SENIORYEAR
Physicist Bohr NIELS
Pie section WEDGE
Place for a high nest TREETOP
Plains tribe OTO
Police car wailers SIRENS
Pricey gem DIAMOND
Produce reproductive eggs OVULATE
Product-pitching charges ADFEES
Puts straight ALIGNS
Ragú rival PREGO
Red as -- ABEET
Round fig. EST
Rubs oil on ANOINTS
Sad occasion in 'American Pie' THEDAYTHEMUSICDIED
Seeming eternity EON
Shows ill will toward SPITES
Singer Mann AIMEE
Small fellow LAD
Social class CASTE
Stimulating thing AROUSER
Suffix with urban ITE
Tarzan player Ron ELY
Tennis great Ivan LENDL
The -- degree NTH
Thigh locale LEG
Trespass SIN
Trial topic LAW
Unvarnished RAW
Up-and-down toy YOYO
Valiant HEROIC
Verb ending in the Bible ETH
View slyly SPYON
When aid is most welcome HOUROFNEED
When military ship crews dock and become tourists in big cities FLEETWEEK
Words after force or creature OFHABIT
Words before 'shoppe' YEOLDE