Universal - Oct 7 2002

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Clues Answers
''--- will be done'' THY
''A good walk spoiled'' according to Twain GOLF
Abode of a grouchy Muppet GARBAGECAN
Alpha, beta and gamma RAYS
Amherst campus, familiarly UMASS
Amorous STEAMY
Big name in cosmetics ARDEN
Black Scottish cattle ANGUS
Bohemian dance POLKA
Bonzo's 1951 co-star REAGAN
Certain degree NTH
Collar NAB
Come again? HUH
Computer chip material SILICON
Crazy-sounding bird LOON
Deli offering BALONEYSUB
Doubleday of baseball myth ABNER
Dutch island in the Caribbean ARUBA
Elbow counterpart KNEE
Etymologist's interest USAGE
Fall behind LAG
Fireplace residue ASH
Fossilized resin AMBER
Full range GAMUT
Gen. wannabe COL
Goldsmith's concern KARAT
Hog home STY
Hold back REPRESS
HS underlings SOPHS
Hunt for SEEK
In great numbers GALORE
It may be loaded TRUCK
Kids' spacesaver BUNKBEDS
Kitchen meas. TBSP
Llama cousin ALPACA
Made into leather TANNED
Clues Answers
Major constellation? URSA
Mammoth film of 2002? ICEAGE
More loathsome VILER
Muscular canine BULLDOG
O. Henry collection STORIES
One of the Bobbsey clan NAN
One way to go RARING
Oscar-nominated role for Shirley IRMA
Out of control AMOK
Outlaw hunter's reward BOUNTY
Pacific island group SAMOA
Peter out DIE
Pinball move CAROM
Place for Plato AGORA
Potato complement MEAT
Rational SANE
Ron Howard role OPIE
School no-show TRUANT
Sea near the Caspian ARAL
Send out EMIT
Share and share alike HALVE
Shipping magnate Onassis ARI
Shipshape NEAT
Slender maiden SYLPH
Song or slug follower FEST
Start out EMBARK
Stomach-turning ICKY
Succeed PANOUT
Swinging joint? HINGE
Umpteen MANY
Went like a leadfoot SPED
Winner on court ACE
Word with house or shop OPEN
Work units ERGS
Working mom's cooker CROCKPOT
World's most northern desert GOBI