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Clues Answers
'-- bad boy!' IMA
'-- think?' YOU
'... just to -- few' NAMEA
'Abdul Abulbul (novelty song) --' AMIR
'Are you calling me --?' ALIAR
'Curtain up!' ITSSHOWTIME
'Gone With the Wind' family OHARAS
'It -- far, far better ...' ISA
'Mazel --!' TOV
'Me too' DITTO
-- Aires, Argentina BUENOS
-- firma TERRA
-- in 'cat' CAS
-- Jose SAN
1984 Bruce Springsteen hit BORNINTHEUSA
1997-2004 Cartoon Network series JOHNNYBRAVO
Agree to it SAYYES
Alley LANE
As to INRE
Asimov classic IROBOT
Au -- (menu phrase) JUS
Becoming aware of one's own character SELFDISCOVERY
Bedtime drink NIGHTCAP
Bric-a- -- BRAC
Broccoli -- (leafy vegetable) RAAB
Budge MOVE
Capital of Vietnam HANOI
Carte or king lead-in ALA
Carvey or Delany DANA
Citrus fruit LEMON
City in central PA ALTOONA
Clodhopper BOOR
Comics reporter Starr BRENDA
Covered with tin or steel, e.g. METALED
Dahl of the screen ARLENE
Danson of 'Ink' TED
Designated aviation path AIRROUTE
Ditty TUNE
Dramatist Clifford ODETS
Eliot's 'Silas --' MARNER
Ending of beliefs ISM
Fawn's mom DOE
Fit to be plowed ARABLE
Fraction PART
Fruity frozen treat ICEPOP
Go in haste HIE
Golf standards PARS
Great Lakes port ERIE
Guy's wig TOUPEE
H, to Homer ETA
Have -- to grind ANAXE
Highways with nos. RTES
Horses of a certain color ROANS
Hot drink COCOA
Hunters' gp. NRA
Ike's ex TINA
Impale GORE
In an agile way NIMBLY
Infatuate ENAMOR
Inferior grade DEE
Infuriation IRE
Ingredient in rocket propellants LIQUIDOXYGEN
Internet marketing ETAIL
Italian physicist, 1745-1827 VOLTA
Kind of radio AMFM
Lament RUE
Leonard Bernstein operetta CANDIDE
Look angry SCOWL
Lord's home MANOR
Ltr. holder ENV
Clues Answers
Machine gun noise RATATAT
Mail drops SLOTS
Make a goof ERR
Mandatory: Abbr. REQD
Manually BYHAND
Many eras EON
Michael of 'Broken Arrow' ANSARA
Mil. title GEN
Mole relative SHREW
More abundant RIFER
Mormons Abbr.: LDS
Motivate INSPIRE
Neighbor of N.Y. CONN
Neverland resident PETERPAN
New hearing RETRIAL
Nonreactive materials INERTS
North American Indian OTO
O- -- ('The Good Earth' role) LAN
Ointment of the ancients NARD
One making dove sounds COOER
Ontarians' national anthem OCANADA
Optical illusion artist ESCHER
Out with one's flame ONADATE
Parasite egg NIT
Part of 'C in C': Abbr. CDR
Pele's game SOCCER
Person pondering MULLER
Persuaded WONOVER
Play it by -- EAR
Pressing job IRONING
Quayle and Gore, once VEEPS
Restless, in music AGITATO
Royal crown TIARA
Salad fish TUNA
Seductive, treacherous women DELILAHS
See 83-Down ROT
She sang 'Don't Go Breaking My Heart' with Elton John KIKIDEE
Sighs of content AHS
Singer Cara IRENE
Small demon IMP
Software for video producers ADOBEENCORE
Sooner than ERE
Soprano Callas MARIA
Sound of repeated light hitting TAPTAP
Sportscaster Jim LAMPLEY
Steel city of Germany ESSEN
Stir-fry pans WOKS
Take place OCCUR
Tear roughly LACERATE
Theme of this puzzle CABLETVCHANNELS
They have 88 keys PIANOS
Tiny toiler ANT
Titled men SIRS
Train track securer RAILROADSPIKE
Trees with papery bark BIRCHES
Tresses HAIR
U.S. or British mil. award DSM
Unlock, poetically OPE
Unrefined finds ORES
Used a spade SHOVELED
Wind dir. ENE
With 109-Across, timber decay DRY
Wrestler Flair RIC
Yellow tropical fruit PAPAW