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Clues Answers
'+' or '-' particle ION
'-- a shame' TIS
'CIA Diary author Philip' AGEE
'Do Ya' rock gp. ELO
'L'chaim!' TOLIFE
-- mignons (pricey steaks) FILETS
Actor Julia RAUL
Actor Robert De -- NIRO
Actress Janis and designer de Wolfe ELSIES
Actress Moorehead AGNES
Admission ENTRY
Alehouses TAVERNS
Ambiance AURA
And others, to Cato ETALIA
At hand NIGH
Bake sale offering PIE
Balsa boat RAFT
Baseballer Garciaparra NOMAR
Bit of dew DROPLET
Bit of resistance OHM
Bog moss PEAT
Bric-a- -- BRAC
Cameo gem ONYX
Census data AGES
Central stretch of a road trip? MIDDLEMILE
Chain of auto parts stores NAPA
Clarinet kin OBOE
Commingle MIX
Common font type ARIAL
Congregate MEET
Corp. called 'Big Blue' IBM
Cozily warm TOASTY
Curtsy, e.g. BOW
Depend RELY
Deteriorate ROT
Detonation devices FUZES
Dictator of Portugal, 1932-68 SALAZAR
Dirigibles BLIMPS
Eight bits BYTE
Elliptical path ORBIT
Endeavor EFFORT
Familiar with USEDTO
Fastidious types FUSSERS
Fight over a canvas bag? DUFFELDUEL
First king of Israel SAUL
Flue residue ASH
Frankfurt's river ODER
Froster ICER
Funny Foxx REDD
Gallery exhibits ART
Gen -- (boomers' kids) XERS
Geometry calculation AREA
Greek vowels ETAS
Gusto ELAN
GŽrard Depardieu film LOULOU
Hatcher of film TERI
Hitter's stat RBI
Holiday tree FIR
Id-derived desire LIBIDO
Idyllist, e.g. POET
Investigator PROBER
Irk to no end EATAT
Italian wine center ASTI
Jean- -- Picard of 'Star Trek' LUC
Jester Johnson ARTE
Juicy fruit ORANGE
La -- (Italian opera house) SCALA
Larger coffin stand? BIGGERBIER
Like some toenails INGROWN
Lingerie item BRA
Clues Answers
Luau neckwear LEI
Mao -- -tung TSE
Map dir ESE
Milk serum WHEY
More agile NIMBLER
Motley -- CRUE
Mr. Disney WALT
Nail polish ENAMEL
Nary a soul NOONE
Nasty type FIEND
Nasty types OGRES
Nation south of Braz. URU
Neighbor of Sicily MALTA
No, to Scots NAE
Not in the same family UNRELATED
Not serene UNCALM
Not too dim WELLLIT
Novelist Isabel ALLENDE
Ocean E of the U.S. ATL
One taking legal action against a restaurant? SUPPERSUER
Opening INTRO
Ordinal suffix ETH
Ordinance about blasting debris? RUBBLERULE
Ostrich's cousin EMU
Outfit worn on a peak? SUMMITSUIT
Ovid's 551 DLI
Passes off as worthy FOISTS
Permeate FILL
Place for a body wrap SPA
Plants SOWS
Player of an old stringed instrument LYRIST
Pope work ESSAY
Pot covers LIDS
Pour gas through an inverted cone? FUNNELFUEL
Prefix for element #9 FLUORO
Prevent a pack animal from biting? MUZZLEMULE
Prompts CUES
Push along URGE
Quartet minus two DUO
Raines or Fitzgerald ELLA
Rialto light NEON
Salty drop TEAR
Sans -- (font type) SERIF
See 29-Across IRAE
Set eyes on SEE
Sharon of Israel ARIEL
She liked Ike MAMIE
Short form, for short ABBR
Small cave GROTTO
Smooths (down) SANDS
Snake type BOA
Spare time LEISURE
Spinning skating leap AXEL
Strong ill will ANIMOSITY
Stuff in which a dug-up bone is wrapped? FOSSILFOIL
Suffix of superlatives EST
Superior lager? BETTERBEER
Survey again REPOLL
Sword for fencing EPEE
Take off LEAVE
Tot's plumpness BABYFAT
TV's Gomer PYLE
Unharsh cat sound? MELLOWMEOW
Variety SORT
Very little bit TAD
Waste liquid SEWAGE
Weasellike pet's paws? FERRETFEET
Whirling current EDDY
With 124-Across, Requiem Mass hymn DIES
You know -- know ANDI