Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate - May 18 2008

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Clues Answers
'-- folly to be wise' TIS
'-- is life' SUCH
'-- pro nobis' ORA
'... -- quit!' ORI
'Clair de --' LUNE
'FŸr --' (piano piece) ELISE
'Have -- life!' ANICE
'I' problem EGO
'Kate & --' ALLIE
'Kewl!' RAD
'Ocean's Eleven' cast members RATPACK
'Rock and Roll, Hoochie --' (1974 hit) KOO
'The Girl From (1964 hit) --' IPANEMA
'Time -- great healer' ISA
'Yikes!' OHNO
-- -Magnon CRO
-- -wee Herman PEE
-- McNally (map maker) RAND
-- Park (section of Queens) REGO
100 yrs. CEN
1965 Alabama march city SELMA
33 1/3 or 45: Abbr RPM
Above, in Berlin UBER
All keyed up TENSE
Alliances LEAGUES
Allies' rival AXIS
Always EVER
Always, poetically EER
An Osmond brother DONNY
B&O et al. RRS
Bakery buy PIE
Baseball stat RBI
Bitter ill will SPITE
Black cattle breed ANGUS
Busy insect ANT
Camera -- (Cannes award) DOR
Cel figure TOON
Checked out before a heist CASED
Chest muscles, briefly PECS
Clingy ones ADHERERS
Close very tightly SEALSHUT
Coin side TAILS
Compass pt. SSE
Concorde, e.g. SST
Cow catcher LASSO
Detonate SETOFF
Disco devices STROBES
Do some haggling in court COPAPLEA
Doorstep coverer MAT
Doubleday and Yokum ABNERS
Draw forth ELICIT
Draws an outline of LIMNS
Dull pain ACHE
Earth-friendly org. EPA
Expiator ATONER
Eye lustfully OGLE
Fat avoider Jack SPRAT
FDA-banned supplement EPHEDRA
Forest den LAIR
Fork feature TINE
Gist NUB
Give it a go TRY
God: Pref. THEO
Gorged ATE
Gradually feel at home with SETTLEINTO
Gun gp. NRA
Harvest REAP
Have (poor folks)- -- NOTS
Hero types IDOLS
High-speed Net provider DSL
Clues Answers
Jacob and Esau's dad ISAAC
Jose's 'one' UNO
Kansas city IOLA
Keystone -- (zany lawman) KOP
Knee locale LEG
Light throw TOSS
Like rain forests TROPICAL
Links score PAR
Lizard type GECKO
Loses heat COOLS
Luau chow POI
Mall unit SHOP
Mama's man PAPA
Millennia on end EON
Negative battery pole ANODE
Nero, e.g. EMPEROR
New York Bay's -- Island ELLIS
Nondrinkers DRYS
Novelist Franz KAFKA
Old car inits. REO
One jumping over a tree? CHERRYSPRINGER
One-up TRUMP
Oregon's capital SALEM
Oven brand AMANA
Palmolive or Joy, e.g. DISHSOAP
Person mimicking APER
Philbin of TV REGIS
Pianist's drill SCALE
Popped up AROSE
Postal gizmo SORTER
Prefix with orthodoxy NEO
Prom wear TUX
Retainer FEE
Return to 000 RESET
Rice-A- -- RONI
Road gunk TAR
Room furnishings DECOR
Sediment DREGS
See 84-Across DEAR
Shaw of jazz clarinet ARTIE
Sheet of ice FLOE
Shower alternative BATH
Sing jazz, in a way SCAT
Singer McEntire REBA
Slight fight SPAT
Some Japanese comics ANIME
Sonic sound BOOM
Spanish snacking site TAPASBAR
Strike defier SCAB
Submission encl. SAE
Suffix with hatch ERY
Surveys that get peoples' viewpoints on trees? POPLAROPINIONPOLLS
Swung around, as on a pivot SLUED
Tarzan actor Ron ELY
Teresa of -- AVILA
Tickle-Me -- ELMO
Top of an 'i' DOT
Top pitcher ACE
Tree failed to see? ACACIAHADNTNOTICED
Tree in an ancient Palestinian region? PALMOFGILEAD
Tree included in a legally binding agreement? BEECHOFCONTRACT
Tree section? LARCHPORTION
Tree that'll get you into hot water? ASPENFORTROUBLE
TV horse MRED
Very powerful tree? SPRUCEALMIGHTY
Veteran, on Veterans Day HONOREE
Vitality VIGOR
With 120-Down, spouse's assent YES
World book ATLAS
Writer Rule ANN