Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate - May 11 2008

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Clues Answers
'-- my way!' OUTTA
'Get Smart' actress Barbara FELDON
'How dare you!' INEVER
'La Cage -- Folles' AUX
'Lay it --!' ONME
'Not -- can help it!' IFI
'Old MacDonald' sequence EIEIO
'Three free throws,' e.g. TONGUETWISTER
'Till I Waltz Again With You' singer TERESABREWER
-- facto (as an inevitable result) IPSO
-- Nabisco (Oreo producer's former name) RJR
-- sanctum INNER
-- Stanley Gardner ERLE
18-wheeler RIG
1987 Peter Weller film ROBOCOP
A conifer FIR
Actor Connery SEAN
Additionally ELSE
Adolescent lead-in PRE
Air quality org. EPA
Andean ancient INCA
Appears to be SEEMS
Atlanta-based channel TBS
Atone for EXPIATE
Auditing gp. IRS
Bad smells ODORS
Baseballer Clemente ROBERTO
Bathtub accessory MAT
Be inactive SIT
Becker on 'L.A. Law' ARNIE
Bit of grain OAT
Bombeck's 'Aunt -- Cope Book' ERMAS
Botch it up ERR
Bro's sib SIS
Cage up SHUTIN
Case hearer of general jurisdiction SUPERIORCOURT
Castro of Cuba FIDEL
Categorize ASSORT
Chanted syllables OMS
Chooses to participate OPTSIN
Circus cries OOHS
Comic Mort SAHL
Cover girl Klum HEIDI
Cut coverer SCAB
Daredevil's doing STUNT
Davis of 'The Client' OSSIE
Delphi figure ORACLE
Disperse SCATTER
Duel tools SWORDS
End-of-proof abbr. QED
English princess ANNE
Enkindle IGNITE
Escape the clutches of FLEEFROM
Essayist Sir Richard -- STEELE
Eye-related OPTIC
Fanciers of the great outdoors NATURELOVERS
Fen- -- (banned diet drug) PHEN
Fertilizer variety NITRATE
Geology or geography EARTHSCIENCE
Golf goal PAR
Great delight JOY
Having no key center ATONAL
Head swellers EGOS
High degree NTH
High degree PHD
High-tech writing gizmo LASERPEN
Hired thugs GOONS
Holey utensil SIEVE
In time past AGO
Insensitive CRASS
Japanese 45-Down OBI
Jugular site NECK
Clues Answers
Juiceless DRY
Like Capp's Abner LIL
Like some injured muscles TORN
Like some socks KNEEHIGH
Lived WAS
Lots of MUCH
Lout CAD
Luanda's nation ANGOLA
Man-shaped mug TOBY
Market STORE
Maverick on 'Maverick' BRET
Media magnate William Randolph -- HEARST
Mortise's mate TENON
Musical piece OPUS
Naval acad. grad's rank ENS
Neiman Marcus rival SAKS
Nine-player pieces NONETS
Once named NEE
Orson of film WELLES
Ottawa-to-NYC dir. SSE
Outstanding DUE
Palpitate THROB
Party card game UNO
Peoples' own natures SELVES
Pitcher Drabek DOUG
Prefix with film or wave MICRO
Proficiency ABILITY
Prying tool CROWBAR
Pyrenees language BASQUE
Questions ASKS
Really rain POUR
Rejections NOES
Remitted in advance: Abbr. PPD
Result of fear or cold GOOSEPIMPLES
Rink sport org. NHL
Roll-call call HERE
Rolls- -- ROYCE
Secular LAIC
Sedgwick or Adams EDIE
Shun spirits TEETOTAL
Singer Snow PHOEBE
Skater Boitano BRIAN
Slack off EASEUP
Sleuthing aid CLUE
Slugger Williams TED
Slugs HITS
Spanish for 'month' MES
State park on Long Island JONESBEACH
Stitch SEW
Stray animal WAIF
Style of the Byrds COUNTRYROCK
Suffix with team STER
Swapped again RETRADED
Tease in jest RIB
Temper, as metal ANNEAL
Tidy pile STACK
Top story ATTIC
Tpks., e.g. RDS
TV's Kojak THEO
Twists COILS
Verdugo of movies ELENA
Waist wear SASH
Walk- -- (tiny parts) ONS
Wants badly LUSTSFOR
Wash lightly RINSE
Wine cooler ICER
Women-only gatherings HENPARTIES
Word that can precede the starts of this puzzle's nine longest answers MOTHER
Worked as a record spinner, for short DJED
Young bear CUB
Zodiac sign LEO