Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate - Apr 29 2007

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Clues Answers
'-- be a pleasure!' ITD
'Fifth Beatle' Yoko ONO
'Great' pope of the fifth century STLEO
'Lago' filler AGUA
'Psst!' HEY
'Queens Logic' co-star KENOLIN
'What's for me?' -- INIT
'Yes, --, Bob!' SIREE
-- harp (instrument 'played' by the wind) AEOLIAN
-- Hill (R&B group) DRU
24 hours DAY
Abbr. on a PC key ESC
Adept ABLE
Admits, with 'in' LETS
Agile deer ROES
Anticavity org. ADA
Atlas feature MAP
Basketwork willow OSIER
Be supine LIE
Because SINCE
Boozed up OILED
Briefcase ATTACHE
Bumped off SLAIN
By means of VIA
Catch waves SURF
Chain of sandwich shops PANERA
Circling Earth, e.g. INORBIT
City on the Danube ULM
Clodhopper OAF
College VIPs DEANS
Colonist Standish MYLES
Combat units PLATOONS
Competes like a hooting bird would? VIESASANOWL
Conceited discoverer of gravity? VAINNEWTON
Croat or Pole SLAV
Crow cry CAW
Cry at sea AVAST
Curly, e.g. STOOGE
Dalai -- LAMA
Decide not to participate OPTOUT
Decorate ADORN
Deepest INMOST
Discharge SECRETE
Disinclined UNEAGER
Donovan of 'Clueless' ELISA
Ed Koch, Ed Ames, or Ed Asner, e.g. NAMESAKE
Filmmaker -- B. DeMille CECIL
Flipped the pages of LEAFED
Foal's mom MARE
Fountain of Rome TREVI
French magician's cry ETVOILA
Funicello of films ANNETTE
Giants great Mel OTT
Graceful tree ELM
Gym pad MAT
Had lunch ATE
Hanging over one's head LOOMING
Havanan's home CUBA
Ice legend Bobby ORR
Ill will BILE
In the blink of -- ANEYE
Indication SIGN
Inherent characters NATURES
Insinuated HINTED
Invitation abbreviation RSVP
Irregular French verb ETRE
It has a negative charge ANION
It's planted to keep soil from eroding COVERCROP
Clues Answers
Itemized bill: Abbr. INV
Jazz pianist Garner ERROLL
Jazz singer with a 1985 Grammy CLEOLAINE
Jogging gait TROT
Lack of existence NONLIFE
Large ornamental bird PEAFOWL
Leap over Goofy's creator? VAULTDISNEY
Leary's drug LSD
Let off steam hastily? VENTTOOFAST
Like Al Gore or Dan Quayle? VEEPNOMORE
Like an off-pitch piano UNTUNED
Like tires that aren't bald TREADED
LP player PHONO
Made illicit TABOOED
Matisse or Rousseau HENRI
More lucid SANER
More restless ITCHIER
Moscow was its cap. USSR
Most cagey SHREWDEST
Musical segment PASSAGE
Neck styles VEES
New, in Mexico NUEVO
NFL scores TDS
No longer laced up UNTIED
Nov. lead-in OCT
Other, in Barcelona OTRO
Palette user ARTIST
Pill variety CAPLET
Pine cousin FIR
Plant that follows 'spike' NARD
Positive particle, e.g. ION
Queens ballpark SHEA
Regarding birth NATAL
Rooted-out plant WEED
S&L part LOAN
Sci-fi is one GENRE
See 108-Down ONE
Singer Gormé EYDIE
Singer Isley RON
Sitar player Shankar RAVI
Skilled foe? VERSEDENEMY
Small hotel INN
Soil tiller FARMER
Squeal TELL
Stereo settings TREBLES
Stick on ADD
Suffix for an enzyme ASE
Suffix with major ETTE
Suffix with pamphlet EER
Sword parts EDGES
System start-up? ECO
Tale spinner LIAR
Tall cactus SAGUARO
Tallied SUMMED
The 'e' of i.e. EST
Tip on wearing a waistcoat? VESTPOINTER
Tooth stuff PULP
Toss a butcher knife back and forth? VOLLEYCLEAVER
Trait transmitters GENES
Undershirts TEES
Unlike slow songs UPTEMPO
Versatile trucks, for short ATVS
Very acute INTENSE
Very valuable Wiener schnitzel? VEALOFFORTUNE
Very, in music ASSAI
With 125-Down cherished person, LOVED
Yes, to Yves OUI