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Clues Answers
'-- yellow ribbon ...' TIEA
'Friends' co-star Matt LEBLANC
'Fuzzy Wuzzy was -- ...' ABEAR
'Is there an echo --?' INHERE
'Pied' musician PIPER
'Scat, gnat!' SHOO
'So tasty!' YUM
'You -- to me?' TALKIN
-- -jongg MAH
-- a time (item by item) ONEAT
-- Bingle (Crosby's nickname) DER
-- di Capri ISOLA
-- end (finished) ATAN
-- Park (home of 125-Across) MENLO
1960s dance fad THETWIST
1967 Paul Newman drama COOLHANDLUKE
1996 also-ran Ross PEROT
Actor Ely RON
Actor Hutton TIMOTHY
Actress Charlotte's family RAES
Actress Jacqueline BISSET
Append ADD
Attended WENTTO
Bank funds that can't be withdrawn or used for purchases FROZENACCOUNT
Bards' eyes ORBS
Battery parts ANODES
Beauty spot SALON
Belittle, rapper-style DIS
Bert of 'The Wizard of Oz' LAHR
Billiards stick POOLCUE
Bona fide REAL
Booty LOOT
Bossa nova relative SAMBA
Cable chan. that shows old films TCM
Chevy Tahoe, e.g. SUV
Children's author Enid BLYTON
Chorus bit TRA
City near Paris CAEN
City on the Rio Grande LAREDO
Clod's cry OOPS
Clumsy type OAF
Cold war inits. USSR
Coll. dorm bigwigs RAS
Confronted MET
Copy a crow CAW
Coral ring ATOLL
Couple DUO
Crone HAG
Dashiell Hammett novel, with 'The' THINMAN
Deteriorate ROT
Drapery cloth MADRAS
Droplets at daybreak DEW
Electronic musician Brian ENO
Elia piece ESSAY
Empower ENABLE
Entombs BURIES
Fail to use OMIT
Family gal SIS
Fit of anger RAGE
Future seed OVULE
Game with a 32-card deck ECARTE
Going at an easy gait LOPING
Good witch of Oz GLINDA
Goulash or ragout STEW
Govt. loan agency SBA
Graceful tree ELM
Great traits ASSETS
Hilarious jokes GASSERS
Hosp. scan MRI
Clues Answers
Hunky-dory DANDY
Intense longing BURNINGDESIRE
Irish dance JIG
It's not a friendly welcome CHILLYRECEPTION
Jarreau and Jolson ALS
Jockey Eddie ARCARO
Kett of comics ETTA
Kind of sch. ELEM
Love affairs AMOURS
Male child SON
Maya Angelou's 'Still --' IRISE
Mentored person PROTEGE
Money immediately available COLDHARDCASH
Month, in Madrid MES
Moralistic declaration ITSASIN
Musical key with three sharps AMAJOR
Nasty rumor CANARD
Nero's 651 DCLI
Ogre of myth ORC
Oil, briefly LUBE
Old Peruvian INCA
Once again ANEW
Owns HAS
Pacific, e.g. OCEAN
Pago Pago residents SAMOANS
Pal of Rover FIDO
Perplexed ATALOSS
Poker type STUD
Pol Landon ALF
Prefix with conduct MIS
Prolific inventor EDISON
Publish again REISSUE
R&B singer Cherry NENEH
Racetrack shapes OVALS
Rainbow shape ARC
Ratified ENACTED
Related to kidneys RENAL
Relinquish CEDE
Safeguard ENSURE
Sappho poems ODES
Scribble JOT
Serve as a substitute on a team WARMTHEBENCH
Severe shock TRAUMA
Shameless woman JEZEBEL
Sheriff, e.g. LAWMAN
Stray-saving org. SPCA
Superlative ending EST
Tabloid topic SCANDAL
Take -- from (act as suggested by) ACUE
Tarnish MAR
Thick piece SLAB
Tied up, as a ship MOORED
Top squads ATEAMS
Towed boat BARGE
Tree house? NEST
Trio after A BCD
Twin of Abby ANN
Unit of electrical resistance OHM
University URL ending EDU
Uptight nit-pickers PEDANTS
Vacationing off base ONLEAVE
Vane abbr. ENE
Very happy ELATED
Vicuna kin LLAMA
Vienna loc. AUS
Vietnamese New Year TET
Walked nervously PACED
What boys become MEN
What NutraSweet is a brand of ASPARTAME
Zany comic Philips EMO