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Clues Answers
'-- girl!' ITSA
'-- Porgie' GEORGIE
'Censor' of Rome CATO
'Golly --!' GEE
'I pray you're right!' LETSHOPESO
'It's -- bet!' ASURE
'Science Guy' Bill NYE
'We -- please!' AIMTO
'Well, -- -di-dah!' LAH
-- -mo SLO
-- and terminer OYER
-- breve ALLA
-- extent (somewhat) TOAN
-- spumante ASTI
10-digit book ID ISBN
1995-2001 Secretary of Agriculture Dan GLICKMAN
A third of IX III
Able to get around MOBILE
Albacore and bluefin TUNAS
Altar areas APSES
Be accepted GETIN
Biblical twin ESAU
Big Apple sch. NYU
Big name CELEB
Both: Prefix AMBI
Brainchild IDEA
Brynner of the stage YUL
Bush's alma mater YALE
Busy insect ANT
Call -- day ITA
Calvin of fashion KLEIN
Cambridge sch. MIT
Canea residents CRETANS
Capital of Rhône LYON
Casual run JOG
Cause of a disease ETIOLOGY
Champagne buckets ICERS
Circle part ARC
Cry audibly SOB
Cut of meat LOIN
Deductive, as reasoning APRIORI
Defunct Russ. state SSR
Depot: Abbr. STA
Dior dresses ALINES
Do a good job diagraming sentences? PARSENICELY
Eligible for the draft ONEA
Entree followers DESSERTS
Eye ring AREOLA
False story LIE
Fed, e.g. AGT
Field official UMP
Fill up fully SATE
Foot levers TREADLES
Former United rival TWA
GI's denial NOSIR
Go fast HIE
Good friend PAL
Grammar concern USAGE
Grassland LEA
Gymnast Korbut OLGA
Hack's vehicle CAB
Hat worn to the Academy Awards? OSCARBONNET
Hit lightly, as glass TAPON
Hollywood's Morales ESAI
Horse hue ROAN
Hotelier Helmsley LEONA
Ill-bred man CAD
In addition TOO
Inc., abroad LTD
Instant lawn SOD
Inventor Howe ELIAS
Isaac's son works as a tailor? JACOBALTERS
Clues Answers
Jet retired in 2003 SST
Just -- on the map ADOT
Latin 'Lo!' ECCE
LAX stat ETA
Lenient EASY
Like a 116-Across WITTY
Like many reefs CORALLINE
Lines of verse in six feet HEXAMETERS
Longtime king of Saudi Arabia FAHD
Math proof abbr. QED
Mauna -- LOA
McKellen of movies IAN
Mesmerized ENRAPT
Mire MUD
Mountain ridge ARETE
Mythical bird ROC
Nook for eating greenish nuts? PISTACHIODINETTE
Norwegian capital OSLO
Norwegian royal name OLAV
Not round-trip ONEWAY
Nothing: Fr. RIEN
Occurring every 120 minutes BIHOURLY
Of structure as opposed to substance MODAL
Offer a view OPINE
One-liner QUIP
Orly arrival AIRPLANE
Over again ANEW
Panache ELAN
Partner of mussels COCKLES
Perched SAT
Person using forks and knives rebelliously? UTENSILICONOCLAST
Prefix with skeleton EXO
Pt. of SSS SYS
Recipe amt. TBSP
Roman magistrate's table and chairs? CONSULFURNITURE
Rowboat propeller OAR
Rudiments ABCS
Safari sight LION
Scam artists CONMEN
Secreted stuff, as sweat EXUDATE
Secure a ship MOOR
Shorthand pro with a wasp wound? STUNGSTENOGRAPHER
Singer Tucker TANYA
Site for experiments LAB
Sleuth Wolfe NERO
Slogan MOTTO
Sly military leader? FOXYGENERAL
Small flute FIFE
Smart- -- ALEC
Southeast Kansas city IOLA
Spyro -- (jazz group) GYRA
Surf-'n'- -- TURF
Teacher's org. NEA
Tent sites CAMPS
Tenth mo. OCT
Things hidden in this puzzle's nine longest answers CHEMICALELEMENTS
Top-secret gp. NSA
Tpkes., e.g. RTES
Train unit CAR
Travels restlessly GADS
TV host Ripa who looks great in pictures? PHOTOGENICKELLY
TV maker RCA
Tyke KID
Vasco da -- GAMA
Venus de -- MILO
Wapiti ELK
When you might use a U-Haul MOVINGDAY
Whether by land -- ORSEA
Wind blast GALE
Word after pop or throat CULTURE
Yule drink NOG