Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate - Nov 19 2006

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Clues Answers
'-- Day Will Come' OUR
'-- well that ends well' ALLS
'Alias' airer ABC
'Enough! I'm convinced!' OKOK
'Good joke!' HAHA
'I'm such a dope!' DUH
'Network' director Sidney LUMET
'Pow!' BAM
'Walden' writer's total body of work? THOREAUOEUVRE
-- bad idea NOTA
-- de mer MAL
-- Grand (Vegas hotel) MGM
-- Nostra COSA
Accumulate AMASS
Actor Danny's French estate? CHATEAUAIELLO
Actor Knight TED
Ali -- ('Open, sesame!' sayer) BABA
Arachnid abodes WEBS
As to INRE
Bad-mouther ABASER
Bandaged TAPEDUP
Barrett or Hoff SYD
Bassoon relative OBOE
Bazillions ALOT
Be theatrical EMOTE
Before birth PRENATAL
Bible bk. before Job ESTH
Botch (up) MESS
Bout arbiter REF
Buddy MAC
Casino game KENO
Clinical study TEST
Comedian Anderson made money? LOUIEEARNED
Commotion ADO
Cookbook phrase ALA
Cost of -- business DOING
Cravat, e.g. TIE
Crooner Mel TORME
Cut corners SKIMP
Cuts with acid ETCHES
Depose OUST
Deposed Iraqi leader HUSSEIN
Do-fa linkup REMI
Dr. Seuss' turtle YERTLE
Enticing ads TEASERS
Ernie of the links ELS
Fare- -- -well THEE
Farewell for basketballer Red? ADIEUAUERBACH
Female relative from Hawaii? KAUAIAUNT
Geologic period marked by tablelands? PLATEAUAEON
German expressway AUTOBAHN
Goddess of wisdom MINERVA
Golden -- (retirees) AGERS
Got aboard EMBARKED
Haifa loc. ISR
He rode Scout TONTO
Hi-fi system STEREO
Hops kiln OAST
Identical to SAMEAS
Ike's initials DDE
In a sinful way GODLESSLY
Insects' feelers ANTENNAS
Instant Messenger co. AOL
John -- Passos DOS
K-P linkup LMNO
Ladder rung STEP
Lahaina spiritualist's board? MAUIOUIJA
Lifter of heavy loads CRANE
Linen locales CLOSETS
Longtime NBC show SNL
Clues Answers
M.Sgt., e.g. NCO
Magazine VIPs EDS
Make -- (employ) USEOF
Man-mouse linkup ORA
Martin of 'Ed Wood' LANDAU
Merciful HUMANE
Muscular watchdogs AKITAS
Musician Brian ENO
NASCAR race airer ESPN
Naval off. ENS
NFL stats TDS
Norma -- (Field role) RAE
Not horizontal or vertical: Abbr. DIAG
Noted Giant Mel OTT
Ocean east of Fla. ATL
Of the court system: Abbr. JUD
One trained in CPR EMT
OR workers MDS
Ore diggers MINERS
Ostrich and kiwi, e.g. RATITES
Pair DUO
Parabolic paths ARCS
Parcel (out) METE
Pekoe serving, e.g. TEACUPFUL
People buttering bread e.g., SPREADERS
Perplexed ATSEA
Pig's dinner SLOP
Poker post ANTE
Put forward POSIT
Puts into law ENACTS
Racecar driver Mario ANDRETTI
Range of the Rockies UINTA
Reciprocal MUTUAL
Retired jet SST
Rushed about wildly RANAMOK
See 131-Across LEE
Singer Ono YOKO
Small pianos SPINETS
Small winning margin, in baseball ONERUN
Southwest tribe UTES
Squeezed (out) EKED
Stars and Stripes' land USA
String along LEADON
Studied sample SPECIMEN
Such -- is ASIT
Suffix with hill or bull OCK
Sumptuous PLUSH
Superseded OVERRODE
Sweetie DEARIE
Talking- -- (scoldings) TOS
Texas, per its nickname LONESTAR
Think aloud OPINE
Till the soil PLOW
Total (up) SUM
Trendy skin care product with an avian source EMUOIL
Turn into BECOME
Vintage auto REO
Waitperson SERVER
Windflower ANEMONE
With 119-Down, 'The Ice Storm' director ANG
Words said as you're leaving a Wisconsin city? CIAOEAUCLAIRE
Wriggling fish EEL
Writers who use a lot of imitative words? ONOMATOPOEIAAUTHORS
Yarn coil SKEIN
Yemen city ADEN
Yoked group TEAM
Young -- (toddlers) UNS