Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate - Jan 22 2006

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Clues Answers
'-- and Stimpy' REN
'-- favor ('Please')' POR
'-- it ironic?' ISNT
'-- y plata' (Montana motto) ORO
'Ally McBeal' actress Lucy LIU
'Bravo, senor!' OLE
'Howards End' film duo MERCHANTANDIVORY
'Lust for Life' actor Everett SLOANE
-- breve (cut time) ALLA
-- Dame NOTRE
-- Lingus (Irish carrier) AER
-- Mawr (Philly suburb) BRYN
-- Wee Reese PEE
1955 Astaire/Caron film DADDYLONGLEGS
Abominable Snowman YETI
Actor Kilmer VAL
Alphabet opener ABC
An Astaire ADELE
Argon and xenon, e.g. GASES
Arrest NAB
Ascends RISES
Autobahn car OPEL
Baby deer FAWNS
Ballerina Alicia ALONSO
Beer for a Brit ALE
Belgrade native SERB
Big -- house ASA
Bird of myth ROC
Birdbrain IDIOT
Bonnie's sidekick CLYDE
Bouquet delivery co. FTD
Brain parts CEREBELLA
Brief romance AFFAIR
Bufferin target ACHE
Bursts open POPS
Capo's group MAFIA
Cato's 551 DLI
City adjoining Champaign URBANA
Coarse file RASP
Coffee-flavored liqueur KAHLUA
Container weight TARE
Crimean port YALTA
Deluge SPATE
Devonshire plateau or prison DARTMOOR
Dollar pts. CTS
Easter entrees HAMS
Enjoyed greatly ATEUP
Eternally, in poetry EER
Ewe, e.g. SHEEP
FDR's mother SARA
Federal agts. TMEN
Fidel cohort Guevara CHE
Figure skater Sasha COHEN
First-rate CLASSA
Furious IRATE
Get closer to justice? APPROACHTHEBENCH
Get used to gradually EASEINTO
GI on the run AWOL
Girls' slacks PEDALPUSHERS
Grappling, to Granny RASSLING
Greek letter ETA
Harvey of Hollywood KEITEL
Hero meat SALAMI
Hightail it TEAR
Hit with a low blow, in a way KNEED
Ill humor BILE
Imitate MIMIC
In -- (unborn) UTERO
In this spot HERE
Clues Answers
Inc., in Enfield LTD
Iran locale ASIA
Judging bunch PANEL
Keeps waiting STRINGSALONG
King Tut and others PHARAOHS
L.A. hours PST
Land surrounded by 'eau' ILE
Largo's chain FLORIDAKEYS
LAX abbr. ARR
Lifting lingerie BRA
Light driving tools TACKHAMMERS
Like a -- a trap RATIN
Like a chalkboard ERASABLE
Loan shark SHYLOCK
Lofty rails ELS
Major network CBS
Marie, to Donny SIS
Mauna -- (Hawaiian volcano) KEA
MGM motto starter ARS
Moral climate ETHOS
More terrible DIRER
Mother, in Mexico MADRE
No longer asleep AWOKEN
Nose about PRY
Not available, as a seat TAKEN
Not pull apart from CLEAVETO
Oarsman's activity ROWING
Of element #5 BORIC
Of the number eight OCTAL
One-named supermodel IMAN
Others, to Ovid ALIA
Overly fond ones DOTERS
Peak of NE Greece MTOSSA
Periodical since 1945 EBONYMAGAZINE
Personality part EGO
Poet Frost ROBERT
Quick escape LAM
Quotation puzzle ACROSTIC
Radio knobs DIALS
Raleigh's st. NCAR
Ran in neutral IDLED
Rangers' org. NHL
Rivulet CREEK
Ruination HAVOC
Sale proviso ASIS
Santa's coat? SOOT
Shameful gain LUCRE
Shark feature FIN
Skeleton makeup BONES
Start for eminent PRE
State rep. SEN
Strong cardboard OAKTAG
Suffix with banjo IST
Taj Mahal's place AGRA
They're below pecs ABS
Thick liqueur CREME
Thrill ELATE
Timber wolf LOBO
Tree of life locale EDEN
Tuba, e.g. HORN
Ump's yell OUT
Uncanny EERIE
Unmerciful PITILESS
Unqualified INCAPABLE
Verb suffix in the Bible ETH
Wiretap BUG
With cheese baked on top AUGRATIN
Wood axe ADZE
Wrath RAGE
Yemeni city ADEN
Yuppie belt attachment PAGER