Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate - Dec 4 2005

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Clues Answers
'-- a vacation!' INEED
'-- chance!' NOTA
'-- Him on a Sunday' IMET
'-- to differ!' IBEG
'Bali --' ('South Pacific' song) HAI
'Big Blue' corp. IBM
'Exodus' novelist Leon URIS
'Most certainly!' YOUBETYOURBOOTS
'Nana' star Anna STEN
-- -Locka, FL OPA
-- Aquarius AGEOF
17-syllable poem HAIKU
74-Down products PCS
A Gershwin brother IRA
Actor Estrada ERIK
Actress Bow CLARA
Addis --, Ethiopia ABABA
Al -- (a little firm) DENTE
Amorphous masses BLOBS
Angles between leaves and branches AXILS
Approaching NEARING
Aptly named city that lies in two states TEXARKANA
Balaam's equine ASS
Bark sharply YAP
Be admitted GETIN
Bear in the heavens URSA
Before, in poetry ERE
Bert's friend ERNIE
Big cheese NABOB
Bloke GENT
Booker T. & the -- (1960s band) MGS
Chemical suffix ANE
Cleveland's veep Stevenson ADLAI
Come -- surprise ASNO
Conga cousin SAMBA
Copied APED
Covent Garden architect Jones INIGO
Cybernotes EMAIL
Cymbal sounds CLANGS
Da -- (port in central Vietnam) NANG
Data processor? BRAIN
Director's cry ACTION
Dubliners' accents IRISHBROGUES
Emphasis ACCENT
English county ESSEX
Enormous VAST
Explore a coral reef, e.g. SCUBADIVE
Felt pain ACHED
Female, e.g. SEX
Film chimp who had a 'bedtime' BONZO
Former Frazier foe ALI
Future fly LARVA
Gene stuff RNA
Gizmos for twisting fiber into yarn SPINNINGMULES
Golfer's gouged-out clump DIVOT
Group of two DYAD
Had on WORE
Half-wit MORON
Has no life ISNT
Hawk relative EAGLE
Here, in Paris ICI
Hive dweller BEE
Honcho MRBIG
Huge bird of myth ROC
Hundredth: Prefix CENTI
Hurtful person INJURER
Inquisitor -- de Torquemada TOMAS
Israel's Golda MEIR
Kilmer of 'Batman Forever' VAL
Clues Answers
Kimono closer OBI
King's decree EDICT
Koppel and Turner TEDS
Korean capital SEOUL
Large tub VAT
Let out EMIT
Li'l Abner's creator CAPP
Linda of 'Dynasty' EVANS
Little finger PINKIE
Loch -- NESS
Makes available OPENSUP
Makeup flaw SMEAR
Making no sense ILLOGICAL
Masthead figs. EDS
Mideast airline ELAL
Millennia on end AEONS
Mississippi river YAZOO
Mop & -- (floor cleaner) GLO
Motorist's 180 UTURN
New -- Saints ORLEANS
Not worth including OMISSIBLE
Novelist Bellow SAUL
Old Chevys IMPALAS
Old Glory's land USA
Permanent prisoner LIFER
Philosopher Descartes RENE
Pipe elbows ELLS
Plot (out) MAP
Pop singer Carlisle BELINDA
Portents OMENS
Principles held to be always true ABSOLUTES
Printing proof REPRO
Qualified ABLE
Raises REARS
Reassuring words ITSOK
Relatives KIN
Repeatedly OFTEN
Richard Gere's 'Unfaithful' co-star DIANELANE
Sale labels REDTAGS
Saunter AMBLE
Sees socially DATES
Self-satisfied SMUG
Sis, e.g. SIB
Sit-ups sculpt them ABS
Site of auto speed tests in the Great Salt Lake Desert BONNEVILLEFLATS
Some boxing wins KOS
Spoon-bender Geller URI
Stir slightly BUDGE
Stopped-up drains, e.g. PLUMBINGCLOGS
Surfeit with excess CLOY
Ten-speed tire inflaters BICYCLEPUMPS
Tendency TREND
They might be loaded at Shea BASES
They're used in laying tracks RAILROADSPIKES
Think tank products IDEAS
Throes PANGS
UN cultural arm UNESCO
Units of work ERGS
Upper surface TOPSIDE
Vane abbr SSE
Venomous swamp snakes WATERMOCCASINS
Veteran PRO
Wet month APRIL
Wrist-to-elbow bone ULNA
Zsa Zsa and Eva's sister MAGDA