Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate - Aug 14 2005

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Clues Answers
'-- Boot' DAS
'-- seen worse' IVE
'-- too shabby!' NOT
'9 to 5' co-star FONDA
'90s kids' shout RAD
'From -- shining ...' SEATO
'Piggy' TOE
'The Crying Game' star REA
-- Abdul-Jabbar KAREEM
-- Aviv, Israel TEL
-- out (barely manages) EKES
1952 Olympics site OSLO
A lot of MANY
Actress Rosie PEREZ
Agt.'s share PCT
Alpine refrain YODEL
Amphibian with dark oval spots LEOPARDFROG
Amu -- (river to the Aral Sea) DARYA
Antiquing agent AGER
Aruba, e.g. ISLAND
As well as AND
Bicyclist's arm-straight-out signal LEFTTURN
Big braying bird JACKASSPENGUIN
Big name in handbags PRADA
Bird with black-and-white barred plumage ZEBRAFINCH
Birdbrain MORON
Boob tube TVSET
Both: Prefix AMBI
Boutique SHOP
Bread choice RYE
C.P.A. hirer IRS
Capote, to friends TRU
Century divs. YRS
Comet rival AJAX
Court divider NET
Croc relative GATOR
Crustacean with long, slender legs SPIDERCRAB
Dances with tutus BALLETS
Dangerous swimmer in shallow waters BULLSHARK
Deal with it COPE
Deity disbelievers ATHEISTS
Desiccated DRY
Disarray MESS
Educate TEACH
Eminent NOTED
Female kin NIECE
Fence post PICKET
Fever source FLU
Full of microbes GERMY
Geeks' cousins NERDS
Gem State city NE of Pocatello IDAHOFALLS
Gijon gold ORO
Greek letters BETAS
Have for supper DINEON
Heavy swords SABERS
Hoagie SUB
Hog's home STY
Idolized ADORED
Ignitable heap PYRE
Insect with a stinger-shaped reproductive organ SCORPIONFLY
Insect with striped wings TIGERMOTH
Just know SENSE
Kazan of Hollywood ELIA
Kin of 'ante-' PRE
Kitchen utensils WHISKS
La Toya, to Michael SIS
Lasso wielder's skill ROPING
Lawn pest MOLE
Less tight LOOSER
Clues Answers
Lift-off ASCENT
Light touch DAB
Like Caligula CRUEL
List of common queries, briefly FAQ
Little lie FIB
Livelihood JOB
Loud lion ROARER
LP, e.g. DISC
Make mad IRK
Mammal with a trunklike proboscis ELEPHANTSEAL
Mandolin kin UKE
Married ladies, in Livorno SIGNORAS
Mentalist Geller URI
Military force ARMAMENT
Mork's planet ORK
Most mellow RIPEST
Mr. Mineo SAL
NAFTA member USA
Nail filers EMERIES
Neither's partner NOR
News bit ITEM
Newspaper mogul Randolph HEARST
One who gets the point SCORER
Ordinal suffix ETH
Originally called NEE
Ovid's 201 CCI
Palme -- (Cannes prize) DOR
Prison camp GULAG
Pseudonym ALIAS
Pt. of E.T.D. EST
Rash speed HASTE
Rat-eating slitherer CHICKENSNAKE
Really vex EATAT
Recoiled SHRANK
Rips up SHREDS
Road rig SEMI
Rouse to action BESTIR
Salon rinses HENNAS
San Luis --, CA OBISPO
See 35-Across STREET
See 42-Down OFFENSE
Set aside RESERVE
Simple EASY
Singer Sayer LEO
Singer Tennille TONI
Small New World primate SQUIRRELMONKEY
Some kind of a nut ALMOND
Some vaudeville performers HAMBONES
Soup du -- JOUR
Spain and Portugal IBERIA
Stadium slope RAMP
Stain DYE
Steel beam lifters CRANES
Stuff in fruit jelly PECTIN
Sudden brightening near a sunspot SOLARFLARE
Suffix of languages ESE
Suffix with block ADE
Take measures ACT
That, in Toledo ESO
Toast topping OLEO
Tony winner Lotte LENYA
Video display dot PIXEL
Volcano output ASH
Weapon GUN
Wise -- owl ASAN
With 12-Down, Big Bird's home SESAME
With 7-Across, responds resentfully TAKES
Without letup NOEND
Withstand ENDURE