New York Times - Sep 24 2002

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Clues Answers
'Ah, me!' ALAS
'Hooray, José!' OLE
'Now I get it!' AHA
'The ___' (Uris novel) HAJ
'What was ___ think?' ITO
'___ y Plata' (Montana's motto) ORO
Actor Ray ALDO
Actress Massey ILONA
Actress Téa LEONI
Astronaut Judith RESNIK
Bambi's aunt ENA
Banks in Cooperstown ERNIE
Belgrade native SERB
Black-tie dinner, say GALA
Bring joy to ELATE
Bush's alma mater YALE
Carnival game RINGTOSS
Carroll heroine ALICE
Colorful marble CATSEYE
Constitutional rights grp. ACLU
Corp. bigwig CEO
Crooks crack them SAFES
D.D.E.'s command ETO
D.D.E.'s predecessor HST
Don't be serious JEST
Econ. yardstick GNP
Eye parts: Var. IRIDES
Fizzles out DIES
Fudd of cartoons ELMER
Gave the high sign SIGNALED
General Mills product WHEATIES
Good buddy CHUM
Graphic symbols ICONS
Indigo source ANIL
Investment option: Abbr. IRA
Kentucky Derby prize ROSES
Like a Stephen King novel EERIE
Litter in monkey cages BANANAPEELS
Loafers, e.g., or a lighthearted description of 17-, 28-, 49- and 65-Across SLIPONS
Clues Answers
Macaroni shape ELBOW
Machine parts BALLBEARINGS
Made 7-Down BREWED
Mail to a star FANLETTER
Memorable age ERA
More au courant TRENDIER
Mount in Crete IDA
Mountain-climbing technique RAPPEL
Multigenerational story SAGA
Musical sense EAR
N.F.L. scores TDS
Neighborhood AREA
New York or New Orleans SEAPORT
Oomph ELAN
Outdoor game TAG
Party animal? STAG
Pi follower RHO
Potent potable ALE
Prescribed amounts DOSES
Reason to cram EXAM
Scratch MAR
Sofer of soaps RENA
Soft ball material NERF
Solar storm SUNSPOT
Speeder's snagger RADAR
Tapes for producers DEMOS
Terrier of film ASTA
Timothy Leary's turn-on LSD
Tough issue to handle HOTPOTATO
Toys with keys ROLLERSKATES
Truth decay? LIE
TV host Robin LEACH
U.N. Day mo. OCT
Versatile vehicle, for short UTE
Vow words IDO
What clean kitchens often have WAXEDFLOORS
You ___ here ARE
___ Andreas Fault SAN
___ Carlo MONTE