Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - May 16 2011

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Clues Answers
'A mouse!' EEK
'Hail, Caesar!' AVE
'Humbug!' BAH
'The Thinker' and 'The Kiss,' e.g. RODINS
-- Lingus AER
African nation CHAD
Alabama city SELMA
Allow LET
Angora yarn MOHAIR
Austrian city important in the Iron Age HALLSTATT
Away from WSW ENE
Bottled water brand EVIAN
Caustic solution LYE
Charts MAPS
Christian denom. METH
Come together GEL
Crumbly earth MARL
Distinguishing characteristics HALLMARKS
Easter entrée HAM
Eggs OVA
Evergreen type FIR
Exist ARE
Falsehood LIE
Game played on horseback POLO
Greek cross TAU
Individually owned apartment CONDO
Journey segment LEG
Lawyers' org. ABA
Leave out OMIT
Manic-depressive BIPOLAR
Marshland BOG
Clues Answers
McDonald's logo ARCHES
Meadow LEA
Medal earner HERO
Muscat's country OMAN
Neigh-borhood AREA
Newcomer to society DEB
Noah's boat ARK
Nova -- SCOTIA
Opportunity CHANCE
Philanthropists, e.g. DONORS
Plant swelling EDEMA
Poi base TARO
Prognosticators SEERS
Reed instrument OBOE
Rose to great heights TOWERED
Scary party time HALLOWEEN
Scottish hillside BRAE
Simoleons MOOLAH
Small barrel KEG
Spice Girl Geri HALLIWELL
Stitch SEW
Storm center EYE
Summer (Fr.) ETE
Teen's wall decoration POSTER
That woman HER
Tribute in verse ODE
Trusty horse STEED
Two (Sp.) DOS
Upper limbs ARMS
Wait patiently SITBY