Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Feb 16 2011

Clues Answers
'CSI' evidence DNA
'E pluribus --' UNUM
'Moby-Dick' author MELVILLE
'Oh, oh, oh, what a girl' SUSIE
'Once -- a time ...' UPON
'The Old Man and the Sea' writer HEMINGWAY
'The Scarlet Letter' author HAWTHORNE
'The Sound and the Fury' author FAULKNER
Ark builder NOAH
Biblical verb suffix ETH
Bicycle part PEDAL
Born NEE
Bullets and such AMMO
Challenging peak EVEREST
Charged bit ION
Coloration HUE
Comedy Central's Daniel TOSH
Cows and sows SHES
Decree FIAT
Destroy UNDO
Dirty 'Peanuts' character PIGPEN
Eatery CAFE
Eisenhower IKE
Elevator name OTIS
Get ready, briefly PREP
Greek vowel ETA
Gridiron grp. NFL
Happen again RECUR
Help AID
Hoover, e.g. DAM
Incense RILE
Infamous emperor NERO
Khaki fabric CHINO
Clues Answers
Libertine ROUE
Loosens, in a way UNHOOKS
Mel of Cooperstown OTT
Mend anew RESEW
Metric weight TONNE
Mischievous tyke IMP
Moreover AND
Nervous EDGY
Opposed to ANTI
Out of control AMOK
Owl's call HOOT
Perched SAT
Peruke WIG
Pi follower RHO
Pint : quart :: -- :fortnight WEEK
Plant fluid SAP
Platter DISC
Prospector's strike LODE
Remuneration PAY
Seed covering ARIL
Seemingly unsolvable KNOTTY
Siesta NAP
Spruced up NEAT
Storm center EYE
Teatime FOUR
Tier ROW
Tittle IOTA
Transaction DEAL
Ultramodernist NEO
Unattractive UGLY
Way back when AGO
Winter ailment FLU