Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Sep 22 2010

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Clues Answers
'-- Ask of You' ALLI
'Be quiet!' SHUSH
'For amber -- of grain' WAVES
AARP member, probably SENIORCITIZEN
Additional MORE
Antitoxins SERA
Army rank (Abbr.) MAJ
Away from WSW ENE
Bellow ROAR
Born NEE
Bygone Peruvian INCA
Caustic solution LYE
Coarse ROUGH
Color Easter eggs DYE
Counter-feit BOGUS
Couric's network CBS
Delhi dress SARI
Diving bird AUK
Donut-shop purchases DOZENS
Egyptian cross ANKH
Emulate Van Gogh PAINT
Engrave ETCH
Favorite PET
FDR's dog FALA
First extra inning TENTH
From that moment on SINCE
Clues Answers
Happen OCCUR
Heat unit CALORIE
Initial stake ANTE
Khan title AGA
Less experienced team JUNIORVARSITY
Lobbyists' org. PAC
Miss America's topper TIARA
Mountain nymph OREAD
Price-less? FREE
Prop for Bugs Bunny CARROT
Pullman compartment BERTH
Recipe meas. TSP
Sailor's response AYE
Scarlet RED
Semi-fortnight WEEK
Seventh planet URANUS
Sings like Ella SCATS
Skating venues RINKS
Soda-shop treat SUNDAE
Taleteller LIAR
Talk-show host Fergu-son CRAIG
Trigonometry function SINE
Usually inadmissible testimony HEARSAY
Warble TRILL
What 40-Across means YES
Word before 'beware!' BUYER