Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Apr 15 2010

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Clues Answers
'-- the ramparts ...' OER
'Pink Panther' actor Herbert LOM
-- alcohol ETHYL
Aching SORE
Alluring SEXY
Arrangement SETUP
Baltimore newspaper SUN
Banner FLAG
Barack Obama, e.g. DEMOCRAT
Billfold WALLET
Broom closet item MOP
Cambridge sch. MIT
Cause for revolution TYRANNY
Caustic solution LYE
Common pc. of Latin ETAL
Coral structure REEF
Creamy dessert PUDDING
Culture medium AGAR
Deserve EARN
Deteriorates ROTS
Dr. Seuss' 'If -- the Zoo' IRAN
Eastern bigwig EMIR
Elmer, to Bugs DOC
Emanation AURA
Enthusiast NUT
Evergreen variety FIR
Famed operatic trio TENORS
Filch ROB
Fragrant wood CEDAR
Getaway spot RESORT
Guilt-ridden ASHAMED
Have debts OWE
Help a hood ABET
Clues Answers
In need of repair OLD
Japanese sash OBI
Jerry's pursuer TOM
July 1969 landing site MOON
Kids' card game WAR
Last letter ZEE
Lily variety SEGO
Loss of a stripe DEMOTION
Luau bowlful POI
Memorized PAT
Moisten with drops BEDEW
Ms. Moore DEMI
Needle case ETUI
No mere prank HOAX
Opp. of Pos. NEG
Parisian pals AMIS
Peculiar ODD
Portray as satanic DEMONIZE
Prepare Easter eggs DYE
Pussycat's partner OWL
Skater Katarina WITT
Small salamanders EFTS
Snare TRAP
Spongy terrain MIRE
Third piece? VEST
Used a loom WOVE
Violinist's need BOW
Weep loudly SOB
Work unit ERG
Wrestling surface MAT