New York Times - Aug 23 2002

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Clues Answers
#1 Beach Boys hit KOKOMO
'Almost finished,' as to a decathlete NINEDOWNONETOGO
'Get ___!' (victim's cry) HIM
'Nana' star, 1934 ANNASTEN
'Nothing beats ___' (beer slogan) ABUD
About to be fired, perhaps AIMED
Actor Favreau JON
Altoids alternative CERTS
Andean tuber OCA
Bar stock ICE
Battered and sautéed in butter MEUNIERE
Boy band with the hit 'Liquid Dreams' OTOWN
Brute strength RAWPOWER
Canon camera EOS
Chaucer's 'The ___ Tale' REEVES
Civil War battle site SHILOH
Cold war worry ARMSRACE
Famous French roundelay ALOUETTE
Find on the dial TUNETO
French square CARRE
Freudian slip follower IMEAN
Group with the 1967 hit 'Come On Down to My Boat' EVERYMOTHERSSON
High-stepping occasion? PARADE
I, for one: Abbr. ELEM
Is a part of, as a play ACTSIN
It has a prominent bridge ROMANNOSE
It may be given a slug COINSLOT
It may bring down the house HURRICANE
Jazz pianist Templeton ALEC
Laotian money KIP
Mouths ORA
Northern Ireland's Shannon-___ Waterway ERNE
Not only that AND
Not right ABNORMAL
Clues Answers
Org. that included the Kentucky Colonels ABA
Pacifist's dream UNIVERSALACCORD
Packing info: Abbr. NTWT
Pakistan's ___ Pass BOLAN
Pasternak heroine LARA
Peripherals ADDONS
Potsdam preposition UBER
Prepare to slip out of, perhaps UNLACE
Punchlike beverage BUGJUICE
Quotation qualification SIC
Recipient of many wish lists SANTA
Red-dogger, e.g. LINEBACKER
Rigging pro BOSN
Run in NAB
Sch. in Kingston URI
Serengeti herd GNUS
Skill, in old Rome ARS
Slender REEDY
Some M.I.T. grads EES
Southern constellation ARA
Technological introduction of 1951 UNIVAC
Tenor Schipa and others TITOS
The Tide, of college sports BAMA
They have duel purposes SWORDS
Thick, spicy stew BURGOO
To ___ ATEE
Tony winner Worth and others IRENES
Typists' settings TABS
Veil material TULLE
When last call may be announced ONEAM
Where Einstein published his special theory of relativity BERN
Woman's name that's Irish for 'unity' OONA
Work ___ sweat UPA
Young, transparent fish ELVERS