Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Jan 28 2009

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Clues Answers
'-- Town' OUR
'Casablanca' pianist SAM
'The Thin Man' dog ASTA
-- au poivre STEAK
5-Down features BATHS
Apiece EACH
Auction, essentially RESALE
Blue hue AQUA
Branch ARM
Braying beast ASS
Campus hangout QUAD
Charitable gifts ALMS
Charlotte -- (dessert) RUSSE
Chills and fever AGUE
Coffee dispenser URN
Couric's network CBS
Crony PAL
Damage assessment org. FEMA
Double Stuf cookie OREO
Expiate (for) ATONE
Explosions BLASTS
Fastidious FUSSY
Fit of peevishness SNIT
Formerly, formerly ERST
Furniture wood OAK
Gentlewoman LADY
George Herman Ruth BABE
Have a bug AIL
Holdup man? ATLAS
Lamb and eggplant recipe MOUSSAKA
Libertine's feeling LUST
Light-years away AFAR
Location SPOT
Clues Answers
Masseur's workplace, maybe SPA
Mess up ERR
Met melody ARIA
NATO headquarters site BRUSSELS
Nitwit DOLT
Notions holder ETUI
One of the Jackson 5 TITO
Ostrich's kin EMU
Philosopher Jean-Jacques ROUSSEAU
Picnic invaders ANTS
Pinocchio, notably LIAR
Pottery oven KILN
Puppeteer Baird BIL
Pursued CHASED
Recede EBB
Relaxation EASE
Rigatoni and rotini PASTAS
Right on the map? EAST
Sandwich shop order BLT
Schuss SKI
Spelling contest BEE
Spill the beans BLAB
Subject of Frederick I PRUSSIAN
Theater box LOGE
Truckload HAUL
Vicinity AREA
Weep loudly SOB
Wish otherwise RUE
X rating? TEN
Yard portion FOOT
Zealots' group CULT