New York Times - Aug 21 2002

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Clues Answers
'Break ___!' ALEG
'If I ___ rich man ...' WEREA
'The loneliest number' ONE
'This ___' (carton label) ENDUP
'___ Is Born' ASTAR
'___ Mio' OSOLE
1957 Marlon Brando film SAYONARA
Actress Winona RYDER
Agenda entries ITEMS
Announcer Hall EDD
Aunt Polly's nephew TOM
Bamboozle CON
Blow it ERR
Brother of Larry and Curly MOE
By no means poured DRIZLED
Capsular, biologically CYSTIC
CARE packages, say AID
Carnival follower LENT
Chooser's start EENY
Cretan peak IDA
Didn't go away LINGERED
Doll's name ANN
Ebbets Field hero REESE
Emotionally burned out FRAZLED
Everything, to Einstein ALLES
Fail miserably FIZLE
Faster than moderato ALLEGRO
Fertilization site OVULE
Focal point EPICENTER
Former ABC sitcom ELLEN
Fought it out, in Britain DUELLED
Get a move on HIE
Gives power to ENABLES
Grid official LINESMAN
Hose part NOZLE
In sorry shape SEEDY
Kanga's kid ROO
Kingdom east of Fiji TONGA
Clues Answers
Landscaper's supply SOD
Lead ores GALENAS
Like some suspects USUAL
Loving motion NUZLE
Many 12/26 store visitors RETURNERS
Most villainous EVILEST
Natural skyline former RIDGE
Not just sip GUZLE
Not so vigorous FEEBLER
Off the mark WIDE
Off yonder AFAR
Old-time punishment need TAR
On the ball ALERT
One teaspoon, maybe DOSE
Painter of ballerinas DEGAS
Permanently attached, to a zoologist SESSILE
Play for a sap USE
Prefix with meter ODO
Reagan attorney general MEESE
Roll call call YEA
Screw-up SNAFU
Sea plea SOS
See 11-Down DAZLE
Show shame REDDEN
Spotted SEEN
Steakhouse sound SIZLE
Summing up INALL
Things to crack SAFES
This is one PUZLE
Tick off IRE
Unwanted cyber-ads SPAM
Van Gogh's 'Bedroom at ___' ARLES
With 19-Across, flashy display RAZLE
Writers' references THESAURI
Yellowfin and bluefin TUNAS
___ nous ENTRE
___ wrench ALLEN