New York Times - Aug 18 2002

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Clues Answers
'Copenhagen: Insulted by clerk. But we wouldn't ___' DANETOREPLY
'Dundee: Terrible food. We ___' PICTATOURDINNER
'Glasgow: Awful weather. It ___' BLEWUPAGAEL
'Helsinki: At the bank to ___' CHANGEAFINN
'Little' girl of a Bob Dylan song SADIE
'Moonstruck' actress CHER
'Murmansk: Fabulous hotel! Living in ___' THELAPPOFLUXURY
'Pamplona: At last! Relax and ___' BASQUEINTHEGLOW
'Prague: At the bank again, buying ___' TRAVELERSCZECHS
'___ Lisa' MONA
1969 jazz album ELLA
2,000-year-old Chinese dynasty HAN
Actor Phillippe and others RYANS
Agcy. replaced by the N.R.C. AEC
Albacore TUNA
Appear, with 'up' POP
Baked side dish TATERTOTS
Base lines? DOGGEREL
Battle stat. MIA
Big gold and cocoa exporter GHANA
Big-eared animal BURRO
Birthplace of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry LYON
Blakley of 'Nashville' RONEE
Book of prophecies ISAIAH
Bribe SOP
Brings to light FERRETSOUT
Broadway play about Capote TRU
Bunches ALOT
Campus figure COED
Center of Las Vegas action THESTRIP
Clean RID
Clinton secretary of defense COHEN
Comedian Margaret CHO
Conned GOT
Cop's target PERP
Degree involving courses in mktg. and mgmt. MBA
Deplete USEUP
Dwelled (on) HARPED
Equipment for catching a 2-Down REEL
Eucharist vessel PYX
Famed Manhattan eatery SARDIS
Figure skating category PAIRS
First, Second or Third: Abbr. AVE
Fluff ERR
Force DINT
Formal orders WRITS
Free pass, of a sort WALK
Freshens AERATES
From here to eternity EVERMORE
Goes back over RETRACES
Good thing to catch VIBE
Has loans OWES
Have OWN
Headed for the hills BUGGEDOUT
Healthful SALUTARY
Hells Canyon locale IDAHO
Hindu 'Mr.' BABOO
Home, to a sci-fi fan TERRA
Impediment SNAG
Indifferent to right and wrong AMORAL
Isn't lavish SCRIMPS
It may be under a board COOP
John Carpenter horror classic HALLOWEEN
Kind of defense ZONE
Clues Answers
Large sea ducks EIDERS
Least sweet DRIEST
Lift provider TBAR
Like some answers PAT
Loan application blank ASSETS
Long Island town ISLIP
Math journal letters QED
Media figure Huffington ARIANNA
Moniker TAG
Monopoly income RENTS
Most inferior in quality CHEESIEST
Museum decoration URN
New Deal prog. TVA
Newspaper part: Abbr. COL
Not just a brat TERROR
Not outstanding REPAID
One of the Freuds ANNA
Othello's undoer IAGO
Part of 46-Down WAR
Part of an old inscription RUNE
Pepsis, e.g. SODAS
Period of rationing: Abbr. WWII
Persists doggedly PLOWSON
Playwright Bogosian ERIC
Poetic contraction EER
Pondered, in a way SLEPTON
Possible nickname for Scrooge EBEN
Prefix with metric ISO
Prepares for takeoff, say TAXIS
Put on ADD
Put out ISSUED
Quickly SOON
Reason for an NC-17 rating, maybe GORE
Rec room staple SOFA
Recipe amt. TSP
Relative of an Eskimo ALEUT
Rise up REAR
Robust FIT
Robust HALE
Russian river URAL
Scott of TV's 'Enterprise' BAKULA
See 118-Down HAW
Shade of white OPAL
Shakes, for short DTS
Site of one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World PHAROS
Six-foot runner EMU
Skillful ADEPT
Small salmon COHO
Some seaters USHERETTES
Special performances SOLI
Squad cars get them, in brief APBS
Star Wars inits. SDI
Steered clear, in short DIDNT
Tests by lifting HEFTS
They report to Lts. SGTS
Treasure-hunting kids in a 1985 movie GOONIES
TV drama set in Las Vegas CSI
TV staple since 1986 FOX
Under way STARTED
Up for it GAME
Valley girl's comeback ASIF
Wee hour ONE
With 47-Down, TV staple of 1969-92 HEE
Worthless amount SOU
Yearbook sect. SRS
Zilch NIL
___ Creek (1864 Virginia battle site) CEDAR
___ Society (super-high I.Q. group) SIGMA