Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Dec 5 2007

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Clues Answers
'-- Got a Secret' IVE
'For instance, ...' SAY
'The -- Piper' PIED
... and its money YEN
Ability to choose the perfect moment TIMING
Albacore, e.g. TUNA
Analyzed the grammar PARSED
As well ALSO
Bacterium GERM
Ball-bearing item? TEE
Big fuss ADO
Bigfoot's cousin YETI
Black INKY
Blackbird ANI
Bleachers STANDS
Burn soother ALOE
Captain Corcoran's ship PINAFORE
Chic, to Austin Powers MOD
Comedian Louis NYE
Conk out DIE
Diplomacy TACT
Duel tool EPEE
Dweeb NERD
Epidermis SKIN
Excessive formality STARCH
Expectorate SPIT
Eye woe STYE
Finds the total ADDS
Fond du --, Wis. LAC
Former frosh SOPH
Heavy weight TON
Clues Answers
Highlander SCOT
Incubator noise PEEP
Inseparable ONE
Lascivious LEWD
Like some odes PINDARIC
Long March leader MAO
Lummox LOUT
Lummox APE
Marching band member TUBA
Midsized working dog PINSCHER
Milky stone OPAL
Much of Austria ALPS
Navigation aid MAP
Neologize COIN
Phantom's hangout OPERA
Point CUSP
Pony or bean PINTO
Revue segments ACTS
Ring site, sometimes PINKY
Ringlet CURL
Scenery chewer HAM
Seal or walrus PINNIPED
Smooch KISS
Springtime abbr. APR
Sufficient, old-style ENOW
The end OMEGA
Theater trophy OBIE
Tokyo's old name ... EDO
Traffic problem SNARL
Walked hard (on) TROD
Wall climber IVY
Winter ailment FLU
Zales merchandise GEMS