Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Sep 15 2007

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Clues Answers
'Seinfeld' role ELAINE
'The Iceman Cometh' writer ONEILL
'West Wing' actor Hill DULE
26-season QB George BLANDA
Actress Helgenberger MARG
Assertion CLAIM
Baltimore newspaper SUN
Benevolent KIND
Bond, e.g. AGENT
Boredom ENNUI
Caviar essence ROE
Chart format PIE
Comedy-team member STOOGE
Compass abbr. SSE
Confetti-tossing Taylor RIP
Creative SEMINAL
Dressed CLAD
End a relationship SPLITUP
Falls transportation? BARRELS
Finished OVER
First X or O TIC
Flourish BLOOM
Goes unnoticed PASSES
Hoi polloi MASSES
Intoxicated DRUNK
Jazz saxophonist Young LESTER
Lily variety SEGO
Clues Answers
Mary's boss at WJM LOU
Missteps SLIPS
Mortgage factor LIEN
Notion IDEA
Officeholders INS
One of the townspeople (Abbr.) CIT
Owns HAS
Party animal? PINATA
Pismire ANT
Polite gesture CURTSEY
Pool player's error MISCUE
Sen. Kefauver ESTES
Skipping class TRUANT
Slug HIT
Southwest terrain MESAS
Speedy RAPID
Take to court SUE
Talks back SASSES
Tavern PUB
Textbook segment LESSON
That is IDEST
Titan or Quest NISSAN
Trattoria offering PASTA
Trinity member SON
TV's Gomez Addams ASTIN
Watt's power STEAM
Whodunit author Ngaio MARSH
Yet to be mailed UNSENT
Young women LASSES