Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Jan 19 2007

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Clues Answers
'-- not choose to run' IDO
'Charlotte's --' WEB
'Exodus' author URIS
'Phooey!' NUTS
'Star Wars' princess LEIA
-- -jongg MAH
-- distance ATA
AKC classification BREED
Alaska's capital JUNEAU
Any minute now ANON
Asset PLUS
Away from NNW SSE
Bob's longtime partner RAY
Bucks' mates ROES
Change for a five ONES
Charged bit ION
Classical-music lover LONGHAIR
Cover completely COAT
Dandling site KNEE
Deposited LAID
Descartes or Magritte RENE
Disastrous defeat ROUT
Drink heartily LAPUP
Elderly AGED
Eye part IRIS
Fang fluid VENOM
First victim ABEL
Fracture type HAIRLINE
Gaelic ERSE
Gets stuck JAMS
Goblet feature STEM
Clues Answers
Great lake ERIE
Kentucky Derby quaff JULEP
Leprechauns' dances JIGS
Let fly WING
Lotion additive ALOE
Martini ingredient GIN
McKinley's first lady IDA
Met melody ARIA
Monad UNIT
Not 'fer' AGIN
Rabbits' kin HARES
Rage IRE
Rapper's entourage POSSE
React to yeast RISE
Rosary component BEAD
Sapporo sash OBI
Sch. org. PTA
Sermon subject VICE
Settled down ALIT
Sharp turns HAIRPINS
Shopping aids LISTS
Smart remark? OUCH
Soybean paste MISO
Speeding ticket stat MPH
St. Louis landmark ARCH
Taps instrument BUGLE
Terrier type WIREHAIR
Trigger's passenger ROY
Warmonger HAWK
Winning margin, sometimes NOSE