Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Jan 6 2007

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Clues Answers
'-- not choose to run' IDO
'Boston Legal' actor SPADER
'Sprechen -- Deutsch?' SIE
Albania's capital TIRANA
Apparently is SEEMS
Aspect STAGE
Automaton, for short BOT
Barbershop quartet member TENOR
Blunder ERR
Bob of baseball UECKER
Bob of daytime TV BARKER
Bob of fashion MACKIE
Bob of reggae MARLEY
Bottomless DEEP
Bus-route locations STOPS
Car-pool lane abbr. HOV
Come back again? REECHO
Computer connection MODEM
Crony PAL
Department store section MENS
Drove HERD
Environment MILIEU
Fencing prop EPEE
Find a new home for REHOUSE
For the nonce PROTEM
Get ready PREP
Greek vowels ETAS
Harem room ODA
Have a bug AIL
Clues Answers
Hiroshima destroyer ABOMB
Hot rum drink TODDY
Humdinger BEAUT
In need of repair OLD
Intrude rudely BARGEIN
Less attractive UGLIER
Most suitable APTEST
Mr. Magoo, for one MYOPE
Nappy fabrics SUEDES
Noshed ATE
Not working properly NOGO
Present NOW
Rely upon LOOKTO
Scratch MAR
Senior member DOYEN
Show chutzpah DARE
Soft palate VELUM
Sturdy wood OAK
Style of women's footwear PUMPS
Swindle CON
Tease KID
Tofu source SOY
Unisex apparel TSHIRT
Unruly kids BRATS
Used a hatchet HEWED
Ventricle neighbor ATRIUM
Waffle enhancement SYRUP
Where the bees are APIARY