Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Sep 23 2006

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Clues Answers
'Family Feud' option PASS
'In the Navy' group VILLAGEPEOPLE
'Wheel of Fortune' space BANKRUPT
-- alcohol ETHYL
1933 dam org. TVA
Actor Ron ELY
Actress Hilary DUFF
Baking potato IDAHO
Black INKY
Boardinghouse for dogs KENNEL
Canal zone? ERIE
Cause of royal insomnia PEA
Code name? MORSE
Commotion ADO
Competent ABLE
Congers EELS
Corn spike EAR
Craggy peak TOR
Crucial time DDAY
Edge RIM
Egyptian cross ANKH
Emulate 14-Across, in a way SCHUSS
Epidermis SKIN
Errand boy LACKEY
Hibernia EIRE
Indiana city GARY
Indispensable KEY
It comes after 23 SKIDOO
It takes the cake OVEN
Keep tabs on EYE
Clues Answers
Kerosene-lamp feature WICK
La-la lead-in TRA
Light rain SPRINKLE
Mainlander's souvenir LEI
Never again? ONCE
Nosh EAT
Not merely plump OBESE
Off base? ONLEAVE
Panorama VIEW
Parlor piece SETTEE
Physicist Otto HAHN
Playground piece SWING
RenFair role WENCH
Resort SPA
Roast-pig side dish POI
Rose's place? VASE
Rupture HERNIA
San Francisco's -- Hill NOB
Shortest of the 12 (Abbr.) FEB
Site of rapid growth HOTBED
Stagger REEL
Street that goes downhill? PICABO
Sweater material ANGORA
Tease RIB
Three-man vessel? TUB
Tournament format OPEN
Ump's call OUT
Winter woe FLU
Y-chromosome recipients SONS