Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Sep 15 2006

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Clues Answers
'Rags to riches' author ALGER
-- Moines DES
Actor Beatty NED
Addis follower ABABA
Apiece PER
Archery-bow wood YEW
Away from WSW ENE
Basketball player CAGER
Beginning of life? FORTY
Billboards ADS
Blue gem LAPIS
Brewery product ALE
Buenos -- AIRES
Castle wall PARAPET
Church custodian SEXTON
Command ORDER
Contradiction in terms PARADOX
Danger PERIL
Exam format ORAL
Fervor ZEAL
Filch COP
Flavorful SAPID
Four Corners st. ARIZ
Get up STAND
Hallucinogen letters LSD
Highly skilled people ADEPTS
Honest politician ABE
In accompaniment ALONG
In need of repair OLD
In the -- way (very much) WORST
Clues Answers
Kyoto cummerbund OBI
Lawyers' org. ABA
Lemieux milieu ICE
Magna -- laude CUM
Man's hat FEDORA
Mature RIPEN
Nourished FED
Numerical prefix TRI
Office machine COPIER
Once around LAP
One may be shadowed EYELID
Payable DUE
Portuguese island group AZORES
Predetermine RIG
Puerto -- RICO
Put in ADD
Quartet halves DUOS
Raw rock ORE
Scale member SOL
Schlepped TOTED
Showed guts DARED
Succumb to gravity SAG
Sunshade PARASOL
Taco topping SALSA
TV chef Moulton SARA
Vestige TRACE
Virile MANLY
Wading bird IBIS
Watch pockets FOBS
Where the action is SCENE