Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Jul 18 2006

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Clues Answers
'American --' IDOL
'Scream 2' actress Rebecca GAYHEART
Adjoining NEXT
Admitting clients OPEN
Advanced math TRIG
Bamako's country MALI
Body of water LAKE
Born NEE
Buddhist sect ZEN
Bumped into MET
Catch sight of ESPY
Christmas transport SLEIGH
Color quality TONE
Comestibles EATS
Compassion PITY
Couturier Vera WANG
Despot CZAR
Driving props TEES
Feed the hogs SLOP
Gem material ZIRCON
Gorilla APE
Greek X CHI
Gumbo ingredient OKRA
Hibernia EIRE
Hurly-burly ADO
In due time ANON
Jostle JAR
Layers TIERS
Listener EAR
Mardi Gras VIP REX
Mine entrance ADIT
Ms. Thurman UMA
Clues Answers
Notion IDEA
Odd-looking critter PLATYPUS
Paradise EDEN
Percentage illustration PIECHART
Pick on the comic HECKLE
Press IRON
Printer type INKJET
Put into words SAY
Re some poetry EPICAL
Region ZONE
Rid of rind PEEL
Sanctify BLESS
Scrooge's cry BAH
Secular LAIC
Skewer SPIT
Snapshots PICS
Standard PAR
Stick with a kick TNT
Tear in two REND
That lady HER
Trawler's requirement NET
Usurer's fee INTEREST
Vendor's carrier PUSHCART
Was in on TOOKPART
Well- -- (rich) TODO
Windshield attachment WIPER
Word with barrel or belly PORK
Zodiac cat LEO