Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Apr 20 2006

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Clues Answers
'Enoch Arden' writer TENNYSON
'Of course' YES
'You've Got --' MAIL
'Zip-a-Dee- -- -Dah' DOO
-- precedent SETA
Alger's 'before' RAGS
Appear SEEM
Apprehend NAIL
B.P.O.E. members ELKS
Bedouin ARAB
Blue hue TEAL
Bob of CBS News ORR
Bottle part NECK
Bridal shower? RICE
Catcher's aid MITT
Central MID
Commandment word NOT
Common Latin abbr. ETAL
Completely destroys TOTALS
Conditions IFS
Corpulent FAT
Craggy peak TOR
Domesticate TAME
Dracula, sometimes BAT
Elmer, to Bugs DOC
Expert ACE
Frizzy do AFRO
Gripe repeatedly NAG
Half an ice-cream flavor TUTTI
Having a defense TENABLE
Homer's expletive DOH
Keanu's 'Matrix' role NEO
Clues Answers
Lair DEN
Largest of the Canary Islands TENERIFE
Lease signatories TENANTS
Lemieux milieu ICE
Little demons IMPS
Loyal TRUE
Maleficence EVIL
Model Macpherson ELLE
Mono alternative STEREO
Mountain airs? YODELS
Neither mate NOR
Of a historic period ERAL
Persistence TENACITY
Playful water critter OTTER
Punch SOCK
Regulated the pitch KEYED
Religious sect CULT
Retainer FEE
Rosemary Clooney's theme song TENDERLY
Rotation duration DAY
Siesta NAP
Society newcomer DEB
Started LED
Statuses against firings TENURES
Strengthened TONED
Suit FIT
Tin Man's need OIL
Type units ENS
Willful violence MAYHEM
X rating? TEN