Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Feb 25 2006

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Clues Answers
'Great Balls of Fire' singer JERRYLEELEWIS
'Judith' composer ARNE
'Men in Black' co-star TOMMYLEEJONES
Accomplished DID
Adversary FOE
Barristers' grp. ABA
Be idle, with 'out' VEG
Blind part SLAT
Bond, for instance SPY
Braille bits DOTS
Charged particle ION
Cover LID
Dickens pseudonym BOZ
Diploma seeker's hurdle EXAM
Family member AUNT
Foreign money unit YUAN
Fungal discoloration MILDEW
Glee club member BASS
Got rid of a squeak OILED
He's all wrapped up in himself MUMMY
Height of fashion HEM
Hibernian tongue ERSE
Hit hard RAM
Hostel INN
Is willing to WOULD
Knock 'em dead WOW
Kuralt's beat ROAD
LAN standards WIFI
Level territory LOWLAND
Lotion additive ALOE
Lovers' quarrel SPAT
Made like Leander SWAM
Clues Answers
Mideastern airline ELAL
Modern-day coin EURO
Moonshine container JUG
Namely (Abbr.) VIZ
Parks or Bonheur ROSA
Plague POX
Pleasant NICE
Printed postage on METERED
Pugilistic tactics JABS
Rage IRE
Raw rock ORE
Remnant END
Rid of rime DEICE
Roulette bet RED
Sail support MAST
Skedaddle RUN
Sported WORE
Surrounded by AMID
Tarzan's son BOY
Teen-lit girl detective DREW
The lady SHE
Tide type NEAP
Time-zone units (Abbr.) HRS
Turkish white-wine grape EMIR
Turned blue? DYED
Twist forcefully WREST
Undraped NUDE
Unyielding IRON
Vacillated SWAYED
Vagrant HOBO
Wilbur's companion MRED
Witnessed SEEN
Young fellow LAD