Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Jan 17 2006

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Clues Answers
'-- Factor' FEAR
'-- go bragh!' ERIN
'CSI' evidence DNA
'Dream Team' logo USA
-- alcohol ETHYL
... and its product OIL
Appease fully SATE
Aware of ONTO
Become caked ENCRUST
Beginning ONSET
Brit's raincoat MAC
Clerical error? SIN
Decorous PRIM
Dermatology subject ACNE
Diamond corner BASE
Dictionary name ENCARTA
Evening hour, on a sundial VII
Existed BEEN
Frisbee, e.g. DISC
Frost RIME
Fuel cartel ... OPEC
Glowing praise ENCOMIUM
Harrow's rival ETON
History chapter ERA
Illuminated LIT
Incite URGE
It gets the lead out ERASER
Leading lady? EVE
Lends a hand AIDS
Loblollies, e.g. PINES
Malaria symptom AGUE
Clues Answers
Man-mouse link ORA
Mel of Cooperstown OTT
Mideast nation IRAN
More vaporous FUMIER
Optimistic ROSY
Pirouette pivot TOE
Pismire ANT
Poet Teasdale SARA
Remark from 38-Across? HIC
Round Table address SIR
Sandra or Ruby DEE
Sch. group PTA
Scull tool OAR
Sea eagle ERNE
Sets up shelter ENCAMPS
Sicilian spouter ETNA
Singer Lane ABBE
Sleep phenomena REMS
Spasm TIC
Stannum TIN
Surround ENCLOSE
Swiss canton URI
Take a shot at TRY
Toper SOT
Understand GET
Villain MEANY
Visitor GUEST
Way out EXIT
Winter skirt, maybe MAXI
Writes in cipher ENCRYPTS
Yuletide refrain NOEL