Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Nov 16 2005

Clues Answers
'The -- lama, he's a priest' ONEL
'Yeah, right!' IBET
'You're -- Boy Now' ABIG
-- Kippur YOM
Apiece PER
Away from SSW NNE
Born NEE
Brief witticism EPIGRAM
Christmas quaff EGGNOG
Churchly councils SYNODS
Comestibles CHOW
Convenience store MINIMART
Crystal gazer SEER
Dealt with USED
Driver's license datum SEX
Emcee HOST
Evans or Earnhardt DALE
Expresses pain MOANS
Frenzied MAD
From a specified time, in law NISI
Galileo's hometown PISA
Guys' cohorts GALS
Hoover, e.g. DAM
Huck's pal TOM
Infuriate IRE
Ironside portrayer BURR
Keatsian opus ODE
Koppel or Kennedy TED
Labyrinth beast MINOTAUR
Lair DEN
Clues Answers
Listening device EAR
Little devil DEMON
Loathsome one TOAD
Luminary STAR
Mardi Gras VIP REX
Meadow LEA
Ms. Fitzgerald ELLA
Mysterious character RUNE
Mythical monster ORC
Needlefish GAR
Overconfident SMUG
Perry's creator ERLE
Piercing tools AWLS
Protracted LONG
Remarks to the audience ASIDES
Roe provider SHAD
Sackcloth and ashes PENANCE
Scurvy preventives LIMES
Solidifies GELS
Squeezable container TUBE
Tend texts EDIT
Tiny details MINUTIAE
Toy-shop employee? ELF
Treasure seeker's aid MAP
Tried for a homer SWUNG
Troubadour MINSTREL
Tyler or Taylor WHIG
Unisex casualwear TSHIRTS
Wile E.'s supplier ACME
Zero NIL