Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Apr 27 2005

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Clues Answers
'Death of a Salesman' son BIFF
'Dynasty' actress EVANS
'Surfin' --' USA
'Waterloo' group ABBA
1926 movie, 'The House Without --' AKEY
A Beverly Hillbilly ELLY
Actress Barkin ELLEN
Actress Dawber PAM
Addressee YOU
Adolescent TEEN
Almanac page MAP
Altar affirmative IDO
Bad aroma STENCH
Be a pirate FREEBOOT
Big name in daredevilry EVEL
Calendar abbr. MON
Candle count AGE
Carry TOTE
Conclusion END
Data measure BYTE
Decelerated SLOWED
Dispensable treat? PEZ
Dog owner's chore BATH
Eager, plus AVID
Eat greedily GORGE
Espresso site CAFE
Favorable vote AYE
Gambling game FARO
Greatly MUCH
Green, in a way ECO
Happy companion? DOC
Houston athlete ASTRO
Illustrious review RAVE
Clues Answers
Indigo source ANIL
Innis or Thinnes ROY
Keeps talking ADDS
Laugh-provoking FUNNY
Memorable scene in 'Blazing Saddles' CAMPFIRE
Minnesota city ADA
Modest COY
Oklahoma city ENID
Old Italian bread? LIRE
Palm reader's phrase ISEE
Paradise EDEN
Period of decline EBB
Powder a pooch DEFLEA
Protective software FIREWALL
Rapper born Tracy Marrow ICET
Saturate SOAK
Say it isn't so DENY
Scary remark? BOO
Shaft of light RAY
Shut up tight SEAL
Simile center ASA
Singer Campbell GLEN
Somewhere out there AFAR
Stare GAZE
Tater SPUD
Tennis surface GRASS
Top-notch AONE
Track transactions BETS
Training site BOOTCAMP
Unrefined EARTHY
Valley DALE
Wall paint shade ECRU
Win -- nose BYA