New York Times - Aug 19 1997

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Clues Answers
'Go, team!' RAH
'Or ___!' ELSE
'Shoo!' SCAT
1934 Pulitzer writer Herbert AGAR
1967 Van Morrison hit BROWNEYEDGIRL.
African antelope IMPALA
Ballroom dance TANGO
Be plentiful ABOUND
Bed-and-breakfast INN
Behind schedule LATE
Big Apple section SOHO
Bishop of old TV SHEEN
Bit of praise KUDO
CD player maker SONY
Check voicemail, perhaps CALLIN
Church officer ELDER
Coda's place in a score END
Cool fabric LINEN
Corp. giant ITT
Crisp fabric TAFFETA
Dads PAS
Discharge EGEST
Down SAD
Duchess of ___ YORK
Fabled fast starter HARE
Forbidden: Var. TABU
Former Kremlin hotshots POLITBURO
German river EDER
Govern RULE
Handel oratorio SAUL
Hideout DEN
Hope-Crosby's 'Road to ___' BALI
House of ___ DIOR
Juan Carlos and others REYES
Judge's order STAY
Kind of maniac EGO
Clues Answers
Krazy ___ KAT
Less convincing, as an excuse LAMER
Like some furs FAKE
Lima's locale PERU
Logician in space SPOCK
Novelist ___ S. Connell Jr. EVAN
Oklahoma city ENID
Old-time actor Wallace ___ REID
One of Frank's exes AVA
Opposite WSW ENE
Peacock's pride TAIL
Philosopher Mortimer ADLER
Place to start a ride STABLE
Popular Southern vegetable BLACKEYEDPEA
Property taken back REPO
Resell at a profit SCALP
Righteous Brothers' musical style BLUEEYEDSOUL
River through Frankfurt ODER
Sao ___ PAULO
Say again REPEAT
Sharon of Israel ARIEL
Singer Crystal GAYLE
Sky light? UFO
Student TUTEE
Sunbeams RAYS
Supplement ADD
Sushi bar order EEL
Teamed up (with) ALLIED
They practice girth control DIETERS
Thingamajig DOODAD
Think about PONDER
Took the bait FELLFORIT
Touch down LAND
Type of mutual fund NOLOAD
Util. bill ELEC
Window treatments DRAPES