Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Aug 2 2004

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Clues Answers
-- pinch INA
Advantage EDGE
Airport business, often GIFTSHOP
Audio-cassette part REEL
Basilica area APSE
Big ruckus TUMULT
Brazilian city SAOPAULO
Bridge SPAN
Brownish orange SORREL
Candle count AGE
Capri e.g., ISLE
Captain Corcoran's ship PINAFORE
Carry on RAGE
Chickadee's cousin TITMOUSE
Cilium LASH
Courage GUTS
Decorates ADORNS
Down Under bird EMU
Eden evictee ADAM
Ella's specialty SCAT
Figure of speech METAPHOR
Footballer/ actor HOWIE
From a distance AFAR
George Burns role GOD
Idolater's emotion AWE
Important numero UNO
Larry's cohort MOE
Legislation LAW
Machu Picchu locale PERU
Clues Answers
Mini-pie TART
More apt to frighten EERIER
Neet rival NAIR
Nipper's employer RCA
Nitwit DOPE
Ottumwa is there IOWA
Painter Chagall MARC
Parisian pal AMI
Past AGO
Peregrinate ROVE
Periodical, briefly MAG
Prohibit BAR
Queue LINE
Rams' ma'ams EWES
Reindeer herder, probably LAPP
Search (out) FERRET
Sousaphone cousin TUBA
Space cloud NEBULA
Speedy steed ARAB
Strength POWER
Take 10 REST
Thin pancakes CREPES
Till the end of time EVER
Timetable abbr. ARR
Unescorted STAG
Very favorable, as a review FOURSTAR
Work units ERGS
Wrigley product GUM
Yield by treaty CEDE