Universal - Jun 14 2002

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Clues Answers
"Atlas Shrugged" author RAND
"Is it soup ---?" YET
--- de mer MAL
Adolescent TEEN
Advanced degree, briefly PHD
Algeria's port ORAN
Allen or Martin STEVE
Apothecary measure DOSES
At the summit ATOP
Billfold fillers ONES
Brownsville boy TEXAN
Carpentry pin DOWEL
Chance occurrence HAP
Chang's twin ENG
Class in Hindu society CASTE
Cleveland's Gund ARENA
Crib components SLATS
David Bowie song FAME
Deal prerequisites ANTES
Descartes or Coty RENE
Earned a perfect score ACED
Entry permits VISAS
Exercised suffrage VOTED
Expressed wonderment OOHED
Fateful day IDES
Final stage of a chess match ENDGAME
Fr. holy woman STE
Frenzied MANIC
Grizzly's milieu DENALI
He once lived in a garden ADAM
Head off AVERT
Holiday egg drinks NOGS
Ibsen's "Doll" NORA
Iniquitous rooms? DENS
Interlocks MESHES
Irish luck CESS
Irregularly indented EROSE
Isfahan locale IRAN
Clues Answers
Kitchen implement CORER
Latin being ESSE
Latvia's capital RIGA
Like many a roof EAVED
Makeup of "the old ball game" NINEINNINGS
Memorable times ERAS
Microwaves NUKES
Mining tool TREPAN
Minor Earth tremor FORESHOCK
Mr. Wallach ELI
Music-writing system developed by Arnold Schoenberg TWELVETONE
Nastase of the nets ILIE
Naturalist John MUIR
Neck scarf ASCOT
Not finished UNENDED
Number of Willson's trombones SEVENTYSIX
PC operator USER
Poetic contraction EEN
Pusher pursuer NARC
R.E. Lee's outfit CSA
Seine sights ILES
Semite ARAB
Sicilian volcano ETNA
Simian APE
Some religious celebrations MASSES
Some religious paintings PIETAS
Sports page news items TRADES
Stimpy's cartoon buddy REN
Take the plunge DARE
The offense and the defense SIDES
They dominate Detroit THEBIGTHREE
Unsuitable INAPT
Waste making trait? HASTINESS
Witnessed SEEN
Words after "Thanks" ALOT
Words of comprehension ISEE
ƒcole attendee ELEVE