Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Apr 14 2004

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Clues Answers
'-- Sera Sera' QUE
-- glance ATA
-- the line (conforming) TOEING
Actor Beatty NED
Actor Klemperer WERNER
Actress Downey ROMA
Be patient WAIT
Benny Goodman's 'kingdom' SWING
Boy's mother JANE
British pound QUID
Busy with INTO
Chart MAP
Cinderella's horses, really MICE
CIO merger org. AFL
Circulates FLOWS
Circumvent SKIRT
Cockpit occupant PILOT
Cod cousin HAKE
Consort of Zeus HERA
Correspond AGREE
Director's call ACTION
Football PIGSKIN
Frasier's brother NILES
Full of ennui BORED
Furniture name IKEA
Garden pest APHID
Clues Answers
Greek penultimate letter PSI
Harbor cities PORTS
High-power executive BARON
Hour-glass fill SAND
Investigates PROBES
Model Carol ALT
New Testament book JOHN
Occupation, briefly BIZ
Pinch NIP
Play double-or-nothing SHOOTTHEWORKS
Popular side order FRIES
Radiant AGLOW
Receded WANED
Recreation SPORT
Resort SPA
Sao --, Brazil PAULO
Simon or Diamond NEIL
Sitcom set at an airport WINGS
Small combo TRIO
Started LED
Steps over a fence STILE
Stolen HOT
Timber wolf LOBO
Totally automatic, as a camera POINTANDSHOOT
Underwear with underwire BRA