Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Feb 23 2004

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Clues Answers
'The Amazing Race' segment LEG
'The Georgia Peach' COBB
'Tommy' contest PINBALL
Action DEED
Actress Sanford ISABEL
Airborne Dracula BAT
Apiece EACH
Aurora borealis, e.g. LIGHTS
Bancroft or Boleyn ANNE
Bobby of hockey ORR
Broadway brightener NEON
Chantilly, for one LACE
Church array PEWS
Coalition BLOC
Composer Thomas, et al. ARNES
Corrode EAT
Crazy LOCO
CSA soldiers REBS
Dos Passos trilogy USA
Earth SOIL
Ensigns' org. USN
First course, often SOUP
Frat party item KEG
Genderless NEUTER
Gilbert & Sullivan's ship PINAFORE
Glaswegian SCOT
Greek vowel ETA
Heal, as a fracture KNIT
In support of FOR
Initial chip ANTE
Clues Answers
Inspiration for Strauss DANUBE
Leading man in the theater? USHER
Lummox OAF
Mad monarch of Brit lit LEAR
Mai -- TAI
Monad UNIT
Napoleon's title (Abbr.) EMP
Needle case ETUI
Obsessed seaman AHAB
Part of N.B. BENE
Prepared SET
Rage IRE
Re NY, NJ and CT, e.g. TRISTATE
Silents actress Naldi NITA
Skinflint PIKER
Somewhere out there AFAR
Stereo hookup HIFI
Strut about PRANCE
Take a gander LOOK
Turf SOD
Two-way DUAL
Type of party STAG
Utter destruction MASSACRE
Washington or Shore DINAH
Wheel-base terminus AXLE
Where Thanksgiving is in October CANADA
Wiedersehen preceder AUF
Wind-driven toy PINWHEEL
Yoked duo OXEN