Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Jan 22 2004

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Clues Answers
'-- the ramparts ...' OER
'Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore' actress BURSTYN
'Scarborough Fair herb' THYME
'Song of the South' figure UNCLEREMUS
... and where to find them BED
Aerobatic maneuver LOOP
Aware of ONTO
Baby dog PUP
Blame-bearer GOAT
Bread spread OLEO
Catcalls? MEOWS
Charged bit ION
Chignon BUN
Crucial KEY
Data units BYTES
Detail, for short SPEC
Director Gene SAKS
Dr. Seuss' 'If -- the Zoo' IRAN
Emcee Robin -- LEACH
Entice LURE
Excessively TOO
Expert ACE
Feedbag morsel OAT
Fine-grained wood YEW
Foolish one ASS
Game-show prize CAR
Grand THOU
Horseman? CENTAUR
Largest of the seven ASIA
Marine mollusks ... OYSTERS
Ms. Thurman UMA
Clues Answers
Oboist's sliver REED
Ohio team REDS
Om, e.g. MANTRA
One with stable employment? GROOM
Ostrich's cousin EMU
Outlying district PURLIEU
Paradise EDEN
Pataki's letterhead abbr. NYS
Patrick Dennis' kin AUNTIEMAME
Praline ingredient PECAN
Puerto -- RICO
Rainbow or speckled TROUT
Reddish steed ROAN
Rembrandt medium OILPAINT
Remnants ENDS
Resort SPA
Ring decision TKO
Rob Petrie's boss ALAN
Session with a shrink HOUR
Slaughter of baseball ENOS
Speck MOTE
Stench REEK
Storytelling dance HULA
Stylish CHIC
That girl HER
Thought IDEA
Tramp BUM
Trench RUT
Untalkative one CLAM
Utah campus letters BYU