Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Jan 15 2004

Clues Answers
'-- Impossible' ITS
'Humbug!' BAH
'The Gold Bug' writer POE
'This tastes awful!' UGH
11/11 honoree VET
Actor DeGeneres ELLEN
Actress Joanne DRU
Adipose tissue FAT
Also-ran LOSER
Aspirin's purpose RELIEF
At maximum speed FULLBORE
Audis and Fords CARS
Bamboo eaters PANDAS
Bed-frame part SLAT
Blueprint PLAN
Bowwow WOOF
Burr-Hamilton battle DUEL
Collapse CAVE
Coloration HUE
Columbus sch. OSU
Comic Foxworthy JEFF
Coxcomb FOP
Derek or Diddley BO
Endorse a check SIGN
Ersatz chocolate CAROB
Exploit USE
Faxed SENT
Flush beater FULLHOUSE
Ford or Lincoln AUTO
Give the eye to OGLE
Clues Answers
Good (Pref.) EU
Greek letter RHO
He loved Juliet ROMEO
Hebrew month ELUL
Journey segment LEG
Lend a surreptitious hand ABET
Lycanthropy instigator FULLMOON
Mainlander's memento LEI
Mimic APE
Mississippi transport RAFT
Model Macpherson ELLE
Parlor pieces SOFAS
Past AGO
Physicist Georg Simon -- OHM
Polish BUFF
Potato -- CHIP
Riddle POSER
Rope fiber HEMP
Scatter extraordinaire ELLA
Scoff JEER
Screenwriter James AGEE
Semi compartment CAB
Showman Ziegfeld FLO
Shrill bark YELP
Super-formal-wear FULLDRESS
Swiss canton URI
Talents FLAIRS
Tarzan's son BOY
Tibet's place ASIA
Vicinity AREA
Willowy THIN
X rating? TEN